New Moon Book Review

Well my “New Moon” challenge did not last very long at all. I have to admit that it is because as with “Twilight” when I read that last year, these books the way they are written some how consume me. I cannot really completely explain why exactly but it just happens and I really do not want to put them down. So I have two more to read being “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” which I am sure will be done in the next couple of weeks.

Well just the basic outline of some of the things that happen in this installment. Bella thinks that life is great, she has Edward Cullen her Vampire boyfriend. Everything is going to be fantastic and just be happily ever after right? Yeah right like that can happen when your boyfriend is a vampire. Some events happen and this forces the Cullen’s to all leave Forks and that means Edward leaves Bella. I have to admit that part really did break my heart, the way it was written. The way Edward told her that he did not love her anymore and did not want her (even though that was obviously a lie) but still. I did warn you that these books seem to consume me. It did hurt a lot when he left.

Months pass by, with nothing . . . pages of the book have the month’s on them and then another month. Until eventually she decides to try and snap out of her depression. This involves doing dangerous things, like a motorbike. Jacob Black is then brought into everything. She becomes best friends with him, while it is so obvious that he wants more. But then something happens to him and she does not seem him for a while, and cannot even manage to speak to him. Not another one with a secret? O yes but Jacob is a Werewolf, and he is in a pack now. The werewolf has an enemy, yes the vampire. You can see how this would be a problem.

Just as Bella is getting back on track with Jacob’s help, Alice turns up as she saw Bella jump off a cliff and wanted to see if she was dead or not. Edward had heard about this and decided he no longer wanted to live so travelled to Italy to ask the Voltari to kill him. Alice and Bella then proceed to go and stop him as the only thing that can change his mind is seeing Bella alive as he believes she is dead. Bella does manage to stop Edward but the Voltari might not be so forgiving this leads to some promises and deals being made in order for Alice, Edward and Bella being allowed to leave alive. One of those being that Bella has to become a vampire.

A lot of confusion for Bella when they travel back to Forks, she does not know if this is a chance to start things over with Edward or if this would be another ending. She calls for a vote amongst the Cullen’s in order to see who is for her becoming a Vampire and who is against it. Obviously Edward has always been against it . . . but will be always be against it?

The ending results in a conversation between Edward and Jacob, which it is so obvious how hurt Jacob is because of the whole situation that is in front of him. I have to admit that it all felt really wrong, for the fact that Bella had hurt Jacob a lot as he thought they could have more than just the friendship which was all Bella wanted. She seemed to use him a bit more than she should have, and when the chance with Edward was back it was pretty much goodbye Jacob . . . but can she not see her best friend anymore?

I actually liked the comparisons to Romeo and Juliet which was in “Twilight” as well as this book, so I enjoyed seeing the continuing pattern. I mean Romeo and Juliet is used so often as a bench mark type of thing to compare romance, which I always find a little strange I mean it has such a tragic ending. But still I like the use of it in this story.

It really is difficult to decide whether you are team Edward or team Jacob . . . is that the whole point? You as the reader are supposed to be as confused as Bella, with whom you are going to side with?

It really does hit some nerves with me whilst reading and gets me thinking about everything going on in my life. I am pretty sure be it love past, present or even a possibility in the future, reading this you can pick things out that can relate to that relationship or a specific person. You can relate so closely with how the characters are feeling as you have been though something similar.

Eclipse is next . . . watch this space!

Not forgetting the movie next week .  . . Now I really cannot wait.

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