How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008) Review

A British writer struggles to fit in at a high-profile magazine in New York

I have to admit that I did quite want to see this last year when it came out at the cinema. I cannot remember my reasons, but do remember hearing that it was not that good. I am not the biggest Simon Pegg fan and do not find him as funny as he is made out to be. I was rather disappointed with “Hot Fuzz”, any way I decided to give this film ago. My first points on it are that I can actually imagine English guys behaving in the way Pegg does when he moves to New York and the American’s not really getting his behaviour. I actually loved the singing of “England” when he was drunk and then falling off the small stage, but slightly embarrassed at the same time.

Sidney Young (Pegg) is the writer who is trying to fit into life at the New York magazine. I have to admit that the first night he gets there on the dance floor’s in a few bars is very amusing and meeting Alison (Dunst) practically straight away. Then finding out the next day that she also works at the magazine. However, over time no-one really likes Sidney and Alison is pretty much the only one who will talk to him. Obviously you can see where their friendship is going to go . . . But Sidney is “in love” with Sophie Maes (Fox) who is an up and coming actress breaking through into the big time, being nominated for awards and entering the spotlight. He really wants to be with her and eventually does get the chance but is she really who he wants?

While this was not as bad as I first expected it to be, it was still lacking something. I guess it was all pretty obvious the direction it was going in.

I always think movies about behind the scenes with actors/actresses and the whole celebrity phenomenon is quite risky as you do not actually know how true it is, and do you really want to know exactly what it is like behind the scenes? Somethings are often better off not being known. You do not know how tongue in cheek they may or may not be.

I cannot really see this being a movie I will want to see again very soon. It did not really pull me into it with anything in particular.

5 thoughts on “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008) Review

  1. This movie frustrated me, since I could see what it wanted to be…but it kept tripping over itself.

    One thing I would suggest though, is to read the book it is based on. It’s a memoir written by the Simon Pegg character, and is so much better than the adaptation…as many books tend to be 🙂


  2. I heard that Simon Pegg and producers wanted to have a different cut of the movie. They didn’t promote the DVD release of the movie. They hated the theatrical cut of the movie.


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