FlashForward – Episode 7


Episode 7 – The Gift

Now after what I thought was quite disappointing last week, I found this episode had more going on and a few interesting moments. Especially the ending (yes I know they try to leave you hanging with the ending this week, but I actually said OMG out loud . . . I really was not expecting that).

I new website was formed for the “Ghosts” people who did not have a flashforward and therefore figured they could actually die any day now. “The Blue Hand Club” was set up for these people to go to. They pretty much done anything they wanted, which included some very crazy things that could indeed kill them.

We are properly introduced to MI6 agent Fiona Banks, who was in Gough’s flashforward, working on a case which is suddenly made. Gough’s flashforward is explored in more detail with and that he feels responsible for a woman’s death leaving her two children behind. When all of this gets on top of him he commits suicide by jumping off the top of the FBI building, in a very emotional scene with Mark, Demetri and others watching on. He done this so that woman would have a chance to live, also showing Demetri that the future can be changed and he should still have hope of a future and living a happy life. I think this also made Mark realise that he can change parts of his and his wifes flashforwards so they do not come true.

I thought that was quite powerful, and also good turning it around that you can change what you saw. It gives a new edge really. As it goes back to well you can change it or you can conform and do everything in your power to make it happen if that will make you feel better about it all.

The moment which made me say OMG was when Aaron’s daughter was sitting in his house at the end. After Mike had told him that he had seen her die, which she was supposed to of died. I really was not expecting to see her sitting their at the end. Very much the reason I cannot wait for the next episode.

I am actually very much looking forward to episode 8 now, I think possibly I am becoming hooked ever so slowly on this show?!?!?


3 thoughts on “FlashForward – Episode 7

  1. I have just caught up on the two most recent episodes last night. I have some questions. Demetri believes he will die because of his lack of a vision and the call telling him he would be murdered. Prior to him receiving this call I said, maybe he was just asleep. So that leads to my questions:

    What did people who were asleep at the time of their vision see? Nothing the same as the dead people? If they were dreaming would that form the vision and if it did would people be able to tell the difference between a real vision and a dream.


    • That is a really good point about the people who were asleep. But wasnt Mark’s daughter asleep and could still remember her flashforward?

      But that is a very good point about whether it was a dream or a vision!


  2. She was asleep during the blackout but awake at the time of the vision. I was referring to the people who were asleep at the time of the vision.

    For that matter come the time of the vision in six months time, everyone knows the day and the time so they will just be stood around waiting for the it to happen rather than getting on with what was in the vision.


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