A Christmas Carol (2009) Review

Charles Dicken’s classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge is given an animated Disney look, and if you so wish 3D (2D is still available). I just had to go for the 3D option in an attempt to try to make my mind up whether I like it better or not. Scrooge is taken on a journey of redemption by three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. Going  back looking at his life as it was, how it is today and how it will not be for very much longer. But can he be convinced to change his ways?

I want to start this off by stating that after watching this, my thoughts were this has to be one of the most remade/retold stories. In the classic and non-classic methods over the years as it always seems to become relevant. “Everyone knows a Scrooge” maybe not to the extend of the one in this story, but it is kind of Christmas thing if you do not get into the spirit you are Scrooge. But you really do not want to be compared to Scrooge (well maybe at the end) as it really is not the best thing to be.

Scrooge is a rich man, but will not help anyone with his money (back in the Victorian era, of work houses etc) and thinks poor people do not deserve to be in contact with him. This is one of the things that made him as bitter and twisted as we see him in the movie. But anyone who is that bitter and twisted must have a reason right? Of course they do, looking back into the past it is obvious to see that Scrooge realises his mistakes and the hurt of them still hurt watching it back, but also the joy he once lived also hurt, especially when he realised that he gave it away. You cannot help but think, imagine if that happened and I got to look at my past. The good and bad parts, which makes you want to make sure you make the most of today so your past will always look pretty good, or at least not bad. But that will never happen, you have to make choices all the time and who is to know when you will make a bad choice and when it will be a good choice? Only time can tell with that.

I actually think the present ghost is probably the scariest to look at, as this is what you have become and what you are at that very moment. Seeing how people feel about you, disliking a lot in Scrooge’s case this even hurt him a lot having to watch it. He had to be forced to watch it. Like Scrooge what if you do not like what you see? Will it be too late to change everything and it put it all right.

The ghost of Christmas future, does that mean you have one? In Scrooge’s case that is not really an option or is it? What if he changes and helps people out, those around him who have never been nasty or left even when he was at his meanest. But how the future goes, you can change it right? I guess so, but that means changing everything you have been doing in the present and maybe even correct events from the past as well.

Everyone loves a changed man at the end of such a story, and of course that is just brilliant. What is not to love about seeing an old man realise his mistakes and change himself and enjoy life again. Like he once would have done when he was younger. Seeing him grab onto the back of a horse and carriage like the children were doing the previous day, and slide on the snow/ice. Just brilliant.

While yes I know this story, it is still fantastic to watch in a different format and style. Such a tale of how you can change no matter how late you may leave it, everyone can still change and do things for others and better themselves. It really is heartwarming to this day, especially in times of hardship with money I think it makes it ever so relevant about how Christmas can still be a time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Jim Carrey does quite a few of the voices, Scrooge and the three ghost. The Ghosts accents left quite a bit to the imagination as seemed to change throughout his lines, which was a little annoying. The Ghost of Christmas Past had an Irish accent which just kind of made me laugh. The Ghost of Christmas Present was Scottish or at least started out Scottish and drifted to the Yorkshire accent.

It is of course quite a serious movie, I have to admit a little scary/jumpy in parts (not one for really small children in my opinion) but also has quite a few funny moments to tie it all in very nicely together. The ghosts were quite graphic in parts, and tended to appear when least expected. Especially with it being in 3D parts kinda jumping out at you. But I would say this film should be for like 10+ really. As anyone younger would either get bored or a little scared. It is a very dark movie, and rightly so it is not “normal” Disney.

I still think it was released like 3 weeks too early, and probably would have had a much better opening weekend at the box office in a few weeks. Still we might just see this on for quite a while as it gets closer to Christmas I am sure people will be wanting to go and see it at the cinema. To you know get into the Christmas spirit, this has kind of made me want to watch more Christmas movies but I promise I am going to wait for a couple of weeks yet, as I do not want to sicken myself of them now. 

I am still not completely sure about the 3D, I mean the snow looks cool. But I do like this type of animation as you can kind of still see the actors faces in the animated character. Which really does amuse me, as I find it odd that the people look real but not at the same time. (However, having the “Alice in Wonderland” trailer on before this movie was well worth it).  

So are you a Scrooge?  or Are you planning on going to see Scrooge?

12 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol (2009) Review

  1. I’m with you on the 3D and the fact that thsi is out too early. It seems to be getting mixed reviews. I think maybe its been done so many times its hard to come up with anything new.


    • Yeah it really has been done a lot now. My favorite is still A Muppets Christmas Carol which will be getting watched closer to Christmas, haha.


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