Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (2008) Review

Miss Pettigrew is a middle-aged governess in London, who is unfairly dismissed from her job. On her quest to find a new job she takes the address from the agency in which she works for and turns up pretending that she has been sent by the agency.

As you can imagine going into the life of Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams) an American singer and actress. Who seems to have quite a lot of different men in her life. Miss Pettigrew ends up helping Delysia out with the men in her life trying to sort everything out for the better. Miss Pettigrew seems to be able to control the men in this world, which is so far from her own.

Frances McDormand always seems to pull out total drop draw performances in which ever role she finds herself in. As Miss Pettigrew that is no exception, at the beginning looking a lot older than her actual age. Then looking much better after the make over. Her acting is very believable and kind of takes you in and consumes you.

Amy Adams really has played a few different characters so far, in this movie I could kinda of see parts of Giselle from Enchanted in her performance.

One thing that made me really happy was seeing Mark Strong first appear, I have some little fandom going on for him. I am not really that sure why or how, I just think he is brillant. Having him in this film made me pay attention, but only when he was in it really.

The tagline for this film bothers me quite a lot “Every woman will have her day” – I dont think thats very positive really, do you want to just have one day? As I think that is what the tagline implies that you will have your day. Lets hope it means on lots of occasions, right?

Overall, it was an ok film. It did not really excite me and I did not really get anything from it, but it was easy to watch and not difficult to follow. Quite amusing at times and also quite sweet, not one that will really stick in my memory for being brilliant or having anything really special about it.

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