Fame (1980) Review

A film which looks into several teenagers lives who attend the New York performing arts High School. Remember my name . . . FAME.

“If they’ve really got what it takes, it’s going to take everything they’ve got.”

I think that is a fantastic tagline and exactly what performing should be. It should take everything out of them and they should have to put everything into each aspect of performing arts, while also keeping up there normal academic school work.

The film focuses on the lives a few of the students and how they cope with personal issues in their private lives, juggling the performance and academic sides of school and living in general. Making friends with each other and attempting to help each other through the difficult times. Can they keep everything under control and get everything sorted to have the best of both worlds?

Irene Cara is Coco and sings the very famous Fame theme, which I have to admit is my favorite part of the film. On the radio with speakers from a Taxi playing out into the streets of New York, with all of the students at the school outside dancing in the street, on top of the cars and taxi’s. It really is just a brilliant dance/music moment in film – a non-musical movie at that.

Throughout this film we see dreams shattered, limits pushed and tested with everything. How far would you go to get to your dream, and succeed? We see this in instances of a girl being filmed and how naive she was to get herself into that situation but also her wanting stardom so much she would do what ever it took.

This is not a musical, the musical version has only been really done on the stage. But it does consist of a few musical numbers, but these are in no means over the top like in a musical. It is someone performing, at times it is there way of showing emotion and how they are feeling. A release instead of talking to someone through the performance in them.

For some reason I have really struggled to write this review, I am not really sure why as yes I do like this film a lot. But I guess when it comes to writing about it I am having like a mind blank or something. Maybe I will add to this at some point in the future.

One thought on “Fame (1980) Review

  1. I couldn’t believe that they made the watered down remake this year. I loved the original. Sure, the movie is little dated, but the same situations are happening now.


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