Cineworld: 3D Price Change

I have just read a news article on the Cineworld website about the change of prices for going to see 3D films. Myself and my friends have Unlimited passes, which I am sure I have mentioned before. We always thought having to pay an extra 1.50 when going to see a 3D film was a bit much as we are supposed to have unlimited access to the cinema.

Eventually however they have restructured the pricing and if you bring your 3D glasses back you will get in cheaper. Again which makes sense as I think I have 3/4 pairs already in my room. Yes I will probably take them into the cinema and recycle them as have seen places to do so.

I have been wondering who thought up the whole thing, surely it would have made sense from the beginning to bring your glasses back and get in cheaper? I am sure we asked that once and were told that you had to pay for the screen and not the glasses which was pretty laughable.

Now if you take your glasses back you get in for 80p.

Unlimited and Children 1.30

Adults 1.90

Overall, all slightly cheaper. So I am now happy with 2 3D movies coming up until the end of this year that I can save some money and take my glasses. I wonder however, who will remember to take their glasses each time. I guess we will have to decide before hand if we are going to see a 3D movie.

7 thoughts on “Cineworld: 3D Price Change

  1. I have always dropped my glasses in the recycling bin on the way out. All cinemas have always insisted that it is the cost of the infrastructure and not the glasses that pushes the price up. I have always believed this as I remember an interview with the owner of a local independent cinema who said they were not going 3D. They had purchased a digital projector at a cost of around £10,000. One suitable for showing 3D cost ten times more. Personally I am yet to see a 3D film that convinces me it’s worth it. Let’s see what Avatar has to offer. As far as avoiding the payment a cynical person may suggest buying a ticket for a regular film with a similar start time and “accidently” going into the wrong screen.


  2. Lets get a couple of things right here….

    Initially the company that supplied the glasses insisted that they be used once, as they believed the lenses would only be suitable for one showing, that they would get damaged easily after that, it has since been shown that the glasses will last longer.

    Notices have been in all cinemas for a number of weeks indicating the change, ther is still an increase in price for unlimited customers and quite rightly so, they get lot sof other deals and reductions, even the staff have to pay for the glasses, ther is a 30p reduction on the uplift and an 80p charge for the glasses, so if you keep them for three films you are saving money.

    The 3D projectors are far more than 10k, believe me i know, the costs involved in converting 2d to 3d is a lot and has to be paid for somehwere along the line, no cinema chain is a charity, they are there to make money.

    As for “screen hopping” to get the film you want, thats classed as fraudulant behaviour, and trespassing on property you are not supposed to be on, therefore you WILL be required to leave the premises, also if that screen turns out to be sold out, you are then not allowing rightful paying customers to see the film they want because you are being inconsiderate.

    As for the “laughable” comment, ALL businesses are regualted by health and safety requirements, and advise was taken from the manufacturers tahts why that was passed on, it has now been adjusted, and costs cut, and these HAVE been passed on to the customer, not like some businesses that would just absord the savings and carry on charging more.

    Cineworld has time and again proven to be one of the best in the country and there thoughts about this and others cost cutting services for customers prove they do listen and act on what is said….



    • “Just Me”

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m not sure what my previous comment or Caz’s original post did to induce such rage.

      Firstly a point on the cost of the projector (the words of a cinema owner) as mentioned in my comment above “a digital projector at a cost of around £10,000. One suitable for showing 3D cost ten times more” that’s around £100,000, so you are correct to say. “The 3D projectors are far more than 10k”. The exact cost I don’t know as I am basing the information on a radio interview.

      As far as what you call “screen hopping” that comment was clearly a joke. I have never considered doing it. Firstly I am unfortunately too honest also with my unlimited card I see what I want at a fixed price so there is no need, however lets be honest we all know that people do it taking advantage of vast (and often understaffed) multiplex’s.

      I personally am very happy with Cineworld’s pricing structure. Having seen ten films last month and five or six in an average month I get exceptional value for money. In return Cineworld have a captive audience, I only visit other companies cinemas’ once or twice in an average year.

      Finally I am glad to hear you don’t work for Cineworld. In my experience their staff are friendly, polite and helpful, you appear to be none of these things.


    • WOW I think you have actually taken a lot this way out of context. The “laughable” comment in particular, I used laughable because we were told we had to pay for the screen, therefore meaning we did not have to pay for the glasses! Thats why I said laughable because of course you would have to pay for both.

      I have to disagree that we get loads of offers as Unlimited customers as we really don’t.


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