FlashForward – Episode 6

Episode 6- Scary Monsters and Super Creeps.

The more I watch this the more I actually wonder when something major is going to happen. I felt that not much really happened in this episode other than the argument between Mark and Olivia about not being honest about their flashforwards. As it is eventually revealed that Olivia has met the man in her flashback and is the father of Dylan who was one of her patients. This was revealed when Dylan got himself to Mark and Olivia’s house and pretty much Olivia’s face said it all when she got there.


The main question you might be asking, and I have been asking myself is if not much is going on and happening then why do I keep watching every week? I was thinking about this while watching this episode, and I think the reason has to be to see if they can actually stop the future happening. If they can stop the flashforward they saw become reality which means there life changing quite a lot in some cases, for the better or indeed for the worse.

I guess I am being quite cliche as it is kind of like fate or destiny, can you stop what is already mapped out for you from happening. Maybe in life somethings and events are always going to happen to matter how hard you try to stop them. This is something I actually have dicussions about with my best friends. We wonder if everything is already mapped out and what will be will be. No use forcing something that is not true or stopping something that is beyond your control.

I can see a lot of that in this show, what if we did get a glimpse so far into the future? Would that be a bad or a good thing? I guess as in the show it really does depend what you happen to see. I guess it can some what be compared to fortune teller’s they might be wrong or right, but will you try to do things in order to meet what they told you? Will some of the character’s in the show do all they can to have the flashforward happen or everything in their power to prevent it?

I guess we will have to keep watching to find out . . . and for that reason I am pretty much hooked.


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