Jumper (2008) Review

David Rice (Hayden Christensen) has the ability to transport himself from place to place in a matter of seconds, due to a genetic anomaly.


His mother left him when he was 5 years old, and he did not have the best relationship with his father. When was still in High School, one day he transported himself away and ended up going to New York. In order to pay rent he started to rob banks and continued to do this. He did not realise that he was not the one person to have the ability to transport from place to place and that they are known as Jumper’s but not only that, he entered a war between jumper’s and people set out to kill them.

When David meets Griffin (Jamie Bell) everything about the war is revealed, and how he has been battling against it for years. David has an alternative motive that being a girl, Millie (Rachel Bilson). He was pretty much in love with her at school and did not forget about her as the years went by. As he ends up putting her into a lot of danger, by taking her to Italy. David eventually finds his mother (Diane Lane) and finds out that she kills jumper’s which is the reason for her leaving him when he was 5. She would give him a head start. Which was pretty sad as he always pined for his mother wanting to see her.

I can remember when this movie came out and kind of wanting to go and see it, but just never got round to it. Then it did not really seem to get the best reviews or anything and I can pretty much understand why really. It had a pretty good idea and everything but something was missing and it was really lacking because of that. I think more explanation about the war would have been better and helped have a background knowledge of the whole Jumper thing.

The main thinking point and things to discuss that could come from this film would have to be where would you transport yourself to, if you could go anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds? Would you travel to be with someone? A friend? A member of your family? Or would you travel to see different places in the world? It would be a fantastic gift to be able to have.

Overall, I thought the idea for this film was pretty good. But it was really lacking something. I see Jumper 2 has been announced but nothing is set in stone of it yet.

2 thoughts on “Jumper (2008) Review

  1. Griffin (Jamie Bell) is a better actor and a more interesting character they should have made the film about him.

    You said: “the idea for this film was pretty good. But it was really lacking something.” this statement perfectly summs the film up.


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