The Cinema Experience

Lets really go to the movies

Does anything really beat the experience of watching films at the cinema?

My answer to that is definitely not, watching films at the cinema is the best way to see them. I always remember which films I have seen at the cinema, good or bad and often who I go to see them with. Yes I am a geek and keep all my tickets as well (which actually helps solve some arguments which occur about which screen we saw a certain film on) – This may sound strange but yes we do love our at least one weekly cinema trips. I have an Unlimited Card at Cineworld and I really do think it is the best thing ever, for a few reasons which are the price. It is very expensive to go to the cinema now but with a monthly pass it works out so much better being able to go as many times as you want. It also means that you pretty much go and see everything (even if it does not look the best) which you might not go and see if you had to pay full price for a ticket.

But seeing the newest releases every week on the big screen really is just fantastic. You get the big picture, the loud surround sound and sitting with others enjoying a film. It really is just a great way to spend time. We always go on a Friday for the new releases and tend to easily agree on what to see, and if a couple of things we want to see come out decide on another day to go back and see that film. So it’s all a win win situation in terms of seeing as many films as possible.

Popcorn, Hot Dogs and Nacho’s are the three types of food which are associated with going to the cinema. But are all rather expensive now even if you do opt for a combo with a drink as well. So it is very rare that I get any of these items. OOo and the pick n mix sweet section which is also extremely overpriced. Do you buy anything inside the cinema?

If you attend the cinema regularly, do you pick the same seats? Or similar seats in different screens? We do, we usually go for the seats above the balcony so we can put our feet up, haha. But often change it around a little, but very rarely sit in the centre of the auditorium. I guess you just sit where you are used to, which I am sure some of my friends who I do not often attend the cinema with find it strange . . . as some do with the whole keeping my ticket stubs as well, do you keep your cinema tickets?

Another cool thing about attending the cinema all of the time, you become quite familiar with some of the staff and talk to them more like you actually know them. Also seeing the same people go into the cinema for films as well. We have had quite a few people nicknamed just because we thought they were cool, yes very much inside jokes in our small group. That is another thing, developing inside jokes in our group about cinema related things. Such as the adverts, in particular the Orange adverts which feature an actor/actress and change like every 6/7 months. We also try to guess which trailers might be on before the film (yes, another thing you are probably thinking is strange). But thats just what we like to do. Believe it or not we can often get three of the trailers correct, just showing that we indeed know what films are due out in the next few weeks and/or months.

 So next time you go to the cinema just have a thought on what a great experience it really is.

Any comments?

4 thoughts on “The Cinema Experience

  1. Just found this post as a link on one of my film reviews for the new releases in my local cinema. I found this post really interesting actually because I work in the cinema, so obviously get to know the ins and outs of people’s habits when they come and go. As you said, you get to know the staff, and I’ve found that as staff, you get to know people, so much that now I can tell exactly where people will sit etc.
    I guess really I just wanted to say that working in the business, I know how much we rely on people to come so we can keep running! And with so many sites advertising free film downloads its nice to see you promoting cinema! Thanks!


    • Glad to hear that the staff in a cinema enjoy getting to know the customers who always sit in the same places (I am one of those). Just like we have staff who we find really cool for different random things they do.

      Cinema is the only way to see films in my opinion!


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