Top 10 – Actors in their 30’s

After composing the list of top 10 young actors which I used 30 as the cut off age. I decided to make a list of in my opinion in the top 10 actors in their 30s. This actually proved rather difficult to come up with as quite a lot of current actors in their 30s are very talented and doing a lot of great work. I am sure there is still a lot to come from some of these actors as well.

10. Orlando Bloom – Age 32

I am still holding a lot of hope that Orlando is going to come good as he gets older, I mean at 32 he is still on the young side and really needs to start picking some challenging roles to show that he can really act and get away from the action/adventure type genre he has been so fixed to over the years.

9. Ben Affleck – Age 36

I have to admit when looking through actors to have in this list I thought Ben was a lot older than 36. Yes that may seem bad but it just feels he has been around forever. He has always seemed to play the best friend, or the support role which he is very good at. But it would be nice to see him really going for it and headlining more films.

8. Mark Wahlberg – Age 37

Again another one who seems to have been around forever, and has really just not always as an actor. I really do think he is a fantastic actor who has got better with age, so long may it continue. We should all really forget about “The Happening” and admit that even very good actors pick the wrong movies every now and then.

7. Ryan Reynolds – Age 33

Ryan has definitely been on the rise in the past couple of years and just seems to go onto bigger things as it goes on. He has taken on the comic book genre as well as the romantic comedy genre in recent times, which is good to see as they really are on different ends of the spectrum in movie terms. I think my favorite so far has to be “Definitely, Maybe” as it was just different and very nice which is pretty much what you want from a rom-com.

6. James Franco – Age 31

James is the youngest actor I have the on the list, I really do think he is extremely talented and so far shown that he is not going to be typecast. He always takes different roles and seems to push himself, which is fantastic to watch. I was so impressed with him in “Milk” and I am curious in which direction he will go in, in the next few years. Probably first really noticed for his role in the Spider-Man franchise. But he really is starting to come into his own, and I hope this continues.

5. Bradley Cooper – Age 34

Bradley has been impressing everyone and pretty much popping up in everything this year, and has age on his side to really move forward and have a great career in the movies. He was in a successful comedy over the summer “The Hangover” and he also starred in “He’s Just Not That Into You” which I was not a big fan of but still he put in a good performance.

4. Jude Law – Age 36

Yes Jude really is still only 36, and has done so much in his career so far. Baring in mind he has not really worked very much in the movies over the past year or so turning to the stage for a while in the West End and on Broadway as Hamlet. But he really does deserve to be in this list and we look forward to seeing him in “Sherlock Holmes” at the end of the year. But yes Jude still has to be one of the brightest actors around. I think his performance in “Sleuth” opposite Michael Caine is one of my favorites so far, as it was a very intense movie with two intense roles.

3. Matt Damon – Age 39

Matt just qualifies for this list as turned 39 a few weeks ago and is the oldest actor I have put in the list. But he really has shown over the years that he is a great actor, and keeps going from strength to strength and is very much tipped for another Oscar nomination, for his role in the up and coming “Invictus” and possibly “The Informant” as well. He has not really stuck to one particular genre and showed his early promise in “Good Will Hunting” and went on to star in the Ocean’s series and the Bourne series. I am very much looking forward to Invictus and The Informant.

2. Christian Bale – Age 35

Christian Bale is the current Batman but he is so much more than just the superhero. He was a child star who has gone on to carve out a very good career and he just keeps adding to it and building it up even more. I can always remember watching him in “Little Women” when I was younger and think he has come such a long way since then. He recreated Batman in “Batman Begins” and continued that in “The Dark Knight”. He seems to take on a wide range of roles as well I really enjoyed him in “The Prestige” which I really think is an underrated movie.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio – Age 34

Who else could really take the top spot? Leo has been around forever and after the phenomenon that was “Titanic” and everything went out of control he started picking roles which would not have been expecting and he has been showing in recent years what an amazing actor he really is. He had already shown glimpses of his potential before “Titanic” in “The Basketball Diaries”, “Marvin’s Room” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” to name a few. Then in recent years he has become Martin Scorsese’s go to guy and it really has worked fantastic for his career. His heart renching performance in “Revolutionary Road” was griping and again proving what an exceptional actor he is. I really do believe he will win an Oscar one day, lets hope it is sometime soon.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 – Actors in their 30’s

  1. This is incorrect information. I was very disappointed to find that these were all wrong. I was really excited to be the same age as James Franco, but turns out I’m not.


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