FlashForward – Episodes 4 & 5

I have just finished watching a double bill of FlashForward as last week, episode 3 got deleted off Sky+ so had to record it again on Friday. So then decided just to wait until this morning when episode 4 had been recorded as well. Plus side of watching it after its been recorded? Fast forwarding the adverts. It was actually quite difficult to watch 2 episodes in a row, as so much information to take in from each episode.

Episode 4: Black Swan

This episode really helped to show how crazy everyone had gone with talking about their FlashForwards and wanting to know what other people “saw” and how they think it is going to come true or if they do not want it to come true. If people did not like what they saw, they would not want to really talk about it and really want to stop it from happening. At times people struggled with how they were going to stop it happening and if it was meant to be.

Episode 5: Gimme Some Truth

A Senate Intelligence Committee meeting sees the details of Mark’s flashforward, and possibly the entire investigation, questioned. Meanwhile, Olivia receives information from a mysterious source about Mark’s vision.  This is when Mark eventually has to admit that he was drinking in his flashforward. The message to Olivia could only have been sent by one person, as I did not notice anyone around when Mark told him that was why his vision was hazy.

I found the ending with “Like A Rolling Stone” being played over the shooting scene towards the end was rather random I have to admit. Mainly because it was louder than anything else.

Again we were left with a cliffhanger of an ending after Janis was shot, and showed her FlashForward of being pregnant again. Will she survive? Guess we have to wait until next week!


After watching these episodes and then currently being episode 5 of 22, you can really tell that no real answers are going to be revealed until the last few episodes as it is all being built up so much so far, and I have to admit that I am not really sure in which direction it is going to go in.

Any views on the latest episodes?

3 thoughts on “FlashForward – Episodes 4 & 5

  1. I hate to say it but episode 5 is where I’m going to leave FlashForward – as the weeks go on there are more and more problems with it. The major one is that although everyone saw the future there is only one small team trying to piece it together and a politician was taken seriously when she suggested that this was a stupid approach. The world they have created is ill thought out and structured to aid the plot rather than actually be credible.


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