Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Review

I have to admit that I was so sick of seeing the trailer for this movie, that I just thought I had to go and see it to see if it was actually any good at all. I did not really enjoy it, while it had amusing moments I just did not like the format it was in. Especially after the last animated movie I saw was “Up” this was quite an extreme to go and see really. Now with all the of the technology available this just felt old before its time and like watching something from 20+ years ago.

It was still on the bandwagon of getting big named stars to voice the characters, with George Clooney heading the cast as Mr. Fox and Meryl Streep voicing Mrs. Fox. But do the voices of the actors really make much difference when it comes to animation?

Anyway this movie is about the fantastic Mr Fox, who used to steal chicken’s etc from farmers, but when his wife tells him she is pregnant he promises he will never steal again and change his line of work. This only lasts for a few years when Mr Fox gets bored of his newspaper column and decides to move from a hole into a tree, and then decides to start stealing from three of the meanest farmers. The angry farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with a sly fox, look to get rid of their opponent and his family. This is when it gets more entertaining with all the animals having to hide underground and keep moving away from the farmers.

Maybe I am more used to CGI and the newer types of animation and I felt that this was just a step backwards in those terms. I just did not really enjoy it at all, I went with my Auntie who did not enjoy it either and my 5-year-old cousin who thought it was great. Defiantly not a movie I want to watch again any time soon.

Also must apologise for how poor and short this review is.



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