Sex and the City Challenge

Because I am such a massive fan of Sex and the City (SATC) and have seen all of the episodes loads and loads of times. Along with the movie, and with the build up to the second movie in full swing because of all the on-set pictures. I decided that I am going to revisit every episode thanks to my DVD collection which just happens to be in a small shoe box . . . yes I have the full lot all in one box. So I am going to review each episode . . . This could take a while or it could not take too long at all. So  . . . watch this space . . .

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are going to be watched and enjoyed yet again, along with their many men over the seasons and years and of course Mr. Big.

I will be putting in my views on the main issues in each episode.


6 thoughts on “Sex and the City Challenge

  1. I wish I had my series bundle. I had to sell it. It hurt my heart.

    When you revisit the episodes, you could see the progression of the way the shows were shot, quality of men and of course, the fashions.

    (You will probably notice some recycled men. I’m not talking about Mr. Big, Steve or Smith.)


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