17 Again (2009) Review

I eventually got to watch “17 Again” after pretty much wanting to see it since it was out at the cinema. As you may know if you read my blog regularly I really like Zac Efron a lot, and in this film he really does not disappoint. Also he is starting to get away from HSM.

The basic plot is pretty much “Big” but the opposite way round, instead of growing up and being older. He gets younger and a chance to go back to High School and do his senior year over again. Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry/Zac Efron) found out his girlfriend Scarlett was pregnant and found out at the same time he was due to play the most important basketball game of his life as would help him get a place into college. However, he ran out of the game to comfort his girlfriend and tell her his life is with her and the baby.

Then you go to current day, their two children are both in high school now and they are getting a divorce. Mike is staying with his best friend Ned (Thomas Lennon), who provides some fantastic comedy moments involving Lord of the Rings and speaking Elvish. Mike ends up back in the high school, and talks to a janitor while looking at his old basketball photo. Thus he wakes up the next day to find himself 17 again.

At first he figures that he is getting another chance to do his senior year in order to do it right. But as the story goes on he realises that is not the reason he was put back. It was to help out his children and actually get to know them. Again this causes some very amusing moments knowing that he is in fact their dad. He also realises how much he still loves Scarlett and does not want to go through with the divorce. He helps his son get onto the basketball team and stops him from being bullied. He attempts to stop his daughter’s relationship with the captain of the basketball team who is the school bully, which eventually happens.

Obviously problems occur when Mike gets quite close to Scarlett, when he is supposed to be Mark. Although Scarlett cannot get over how much he looks like Mike did back in high school. The court scene when the divorce was supposed to happen was so moving. With Mark turning up and saying he was reading a letter from Mike, but as he reads it he is crying and Scarlett stops the divorce for now. Looks at what Mark was reading and it has to be at the moment she knows that it is Mike. That part was so difficult to watch as it was so sad and touching at the same time.

Zac Efron really does step it up a gear in this movie. However, with the basketball I could not help but think he must actually be a pretty good basketball player now. I mean yes he is still in a High School in this movie, but I really think the whole divorce court scene really was a different side to Zac and hopefully he will be in movies in the future which really help to show that acting talent we got glimpses of in this movie.

The key points to this movie have to be that you live for the moments and have no regrets as you get older. You must do everything that you feel is right, but remember the reasons in which you do things. Keep reminding yourself that it is what you really wanted at the time. This movie really does show how you must remember why you made certain choices as it was the right thing to do. I have to admit I was thinking if I would like to change anything I have done, but I really don’t I do believe everything happens for a reason and we must be happy with how everything works out. Would anyone else want to change things from when they were a teenager if they could?

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