Love Happens (2009) Review

Now I have to first say that the poster and trailer for this movie are both quite deceiving, even the title to a certain extent as well. This is far from being just a romance or romantic comedy movie. It is much deeper and more of a drama than that, which I was quite surprised about. As I really did think it was going to be more about a romance between Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston, but that is more of a side story which is quite a disaster at times. Yes, I did not read the plot before I went to see the movie.

Burke (Aaron Eckhart) is a best selling author of a self-help book which turned him into a guru, after the death of his wife. This was his way of coping and trying to help others to cope with loss in their life, but has he actually conquered coping with the loss in his life? On a trip to Seattle (incidentally, where his wife was from and her parents still live their) he notices a woman who is a florist in the hotel and is totally intrigued by her,  Eloise (Jennifer Aniston). They keep bumping into each other and he attempts to date her, which goes rather wrong as he is not used to dating anymore at all.

The comedy factor is definitely brought in by Judy Greer (who really is just brilliant in which ever movies she pops up in) as Marty a girl who works in Eloise’s flower shop. With her little comments towards Eloise and just being rather random and strange, I did find myself actually laughing out loud at her comments. Martin Sheen made a few appearances playing Burke’s father in-law and was involved in a very emotional scene at the end, which found myself and friend crying with the emotions being shown on the screen.

Another side note of a story was Walter (John Carroll Lynch) who attended the seminar in order to get some help following the death of his son. I really did find his whole story heart wrenching as it was just so emotional and sad. But also nice at the same time, when he was convinced to live again in memory of his son. Especially the home depot scene in which the whole group help him pick items to start up his business again. Burke eventually admits to everyone that he has not dealt with his own grief and still has fear, which causes the big scene at the end when he eventually finds the release he should have had sometime in the previous three years.

As I have already mentioned that this film was a lot deeper than I expected, it really did bring a few thinking points about how you can manage to get on with your life when you lose someone who means so much to you, and was in your life everyday. Trying to figure out how long you should take to get over them, and if you are cheating on them by moving on with your life.

Performance wise, I really thought John Carroll Lynch was just fantastic and developed over the whole movie. Aaron Eckhart really impresses me more and more each time I see him in a movie, he seems to keep pulling out brilliant performances in many different ways. Jennifer Aniston was not in the movie enough for me really (yes, I am one of those fans from her time as Rachel in Friends) to make a massive impact her character was not really looked into enough.  I also have to admit that I got rather excited when I saw Joe Anderson, who I loved in “Across the Universe” but he was only seen once, I was hoping he would be in it for quite a while but was not that lucky.

2 thoughts on “Love Happens (2009) Review

  1. A glossy, meandering wallow of a film with personable stars and predictable storylines. Blandly forgettable even with Aniston at her most winsome. Still needed some more actual emotional moments, and although it’s not that terrible, I still didn’t really like it all that much. Good review, check out mine when you can!


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