Up (2009) Review

Eventually the time came to see “Up” I have looked forward to this for way too long now, and lets start this review off by saying it certainly did not disappoint. From the trailer’s and reading about the plot, that still does not really give you much insight into the full story of the film. It has sad parts, funny parts, cute parts, nice parts which equals an overall very good film.


Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old man, who sets off on a journey to see Paradise Fall’s something he has wanted to do all of his life. But he has a very unusual way of getting their. He ties thousands of balloon’s to his house in order to fly his house there. However, he is not alone. 8 Year old Russell ends up with him, after trying to help him to gain the last wilderness explorer badge so he can become a senior explorer. But the adventure he was going to end up on is nothing he could have ever imagined before.

The basis of the whole story is to do what you want before you get too old to really do it, and who wouldnt want to fly around in their house being held up by balloon’s? I mean that would actually be just awesome. Everyone has dreams and things they want to do when they are children, but to actually get out there and do it is totally another thing. In this story Carl and his wife had met as children and both really wanted to get out and see the world, and have adventures. But this did not happen as they both got older, and time just seemed to get away from them. Which I think is another thing to take note of, that time does go by very fast in the bigger scheme of things.

So many funny moments happened in this film, especially when they met the talking dogs. Who had collars on to allow them to speak like humans. The dogs have provided a couple of new inside jokes for myself and friends who go to the cinema all the time. In “point” and “squirrels” if you have seen or see this film, look at for those and you will understand what I am talking about. We just thought it was hilarious as it really was so random.

Who could not enjoy an animated film about an old man, 8-year-old boy, a big bird, talking dogs and a house being flown by balloons? But which also has some sad and serious parts too? I really do think it is a very good all round film, which I have probably mentioned way too many times now but I am trying to get my point across that I really enjoyed this film and think people of all ages will and should enjoy this film.

I tried to avoid reading reviews before seeing this, which was difficult as it was released in the USA in May (I missed seeing it out there, so was pleased it had not been released in the UK until the weekend). But I had heard it was good but sad in parts, which turned out to be true. With it being in 3D, did that really make much difference? I dont actually think it did at all to be honest. I think watching this in 2D would still have been very enjoyable. The 3D glasses do very much look like Carl’s glasses which amused me a little bit. But 3D films really do just seem to be in at the moment, and possibly will be for the near future at least, I am still undecided whether I really think 3D is good or not. Might have to come back again to 3D after a blog I posted a few weeks ago now and seeing this film. Maybe I will wait until the New Year when I would have seen at least two more 3D films.

Anyway enough about the 3D . . . back to “Up”. I actually find myself wanting to see it again, but having to pay 1.50 as an extra to my Cineworld Unlimited Card actually annoys me quite a bit. Also I think the cinema should charge you less if you take your glasses back for the next 3D film you should see. But it really was such a good experience and I am so glad that it really was worth the wait as I have had a long build up to see it. I did find it so much more amusing than I would have ever expected it to be.

Who would ever have thought that a 78-year-old man would be such a star in an animated film? But he really is, especially as he seems just like a grumpy old man for so much of the film. But eventually softens and it so loveable by the end. He just did not want to know anything nearer the start, but the adventure he ended up on totally surprised him and calmed him down to being so nice and helpful when it appeared he never would be again.

4 thoughts on “Up (2009) Review

  1. Pixar continues to smack me on the forehead, “coulda had a V8”-style, every time I think it can’t top itself. “Up” is yet another one of those Pixar films that’s as entertaining and touching for adults as it is for children. Though I admit it would be nice to see Pixar make a kid’s film that doesn’t cause me to bawl hysterically for upwards of 30 minutes.


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