Beaches (1988) Review

This is a story about a friendship which stood the test of time. A friendship which was formed in childhood and kept through letters, it had ups and downs, they had fall outs, they did not speak after different events, but in the end they were there for each other when it really mattered.


CC Bloom (Bette Midler) was a singer, actress who really wanted to make it. Hilary (Babara Hershey) was an aspiring lawyer following in her father’s footsteps until one day she just walks out. They met when they were children, and kept in contact using letters. Until one day Hilary turns up in New York to see CC. This means that for a few years they both help each other out following their dreams and doing what they really want to do. For Hilary this is being involved in protests and law which really makes a difference to people. For CC this is trying to make it as a singer and performer. One day she ends up singing dressed as a rabbit for John (John Heard) who tells her she has a good voice, and offers her a job at the theatre he is a director at. CC so obviously likes John a lot, but on opening night to the show he meets Hilary and they end up spending the night together. This hurts CC a lot and causes the first argument between the two friends. But Hilary then has to leave to go and care for her father, leaving CC in New York. Hilary gets married, and I still find it strange every time I watch it that CC could not find the time to go to the wedding. It just seems really strange for the two friends. But then again CC marries John and does not even tell Hilary this until she visits when CC is a star on Broadway. After this Hilary’s husband cheats on her, and they split up but she is pregnant and decides to raise the child herself. CC who spilt up with John is there for Hilary and helps her through the pregnancy. CC is also back there years later when Hilary is dying, and vows to look after her daughter. At the end CC is a big singing star and had to post-pone concerts to try to get to Hilary in time.

I think the main points in this movie are no matter what you go through with your best friend, if you have fights and do not talk for a while, or something like that. No matter how big a fall out occurs, when something really serious and bad happens that friend will always be there. Now I have to admit I hope that I do not ever fall out with any of my best friends as it really would just feel like a part of me is missing.

It really does have to be one of the biggest tear-jerker movies for me, “wind beneath my wings” in the part it is in the movie just really rips your heart out. As the words to the song really do just describe the friendship between these two women. Who are not going to be around for each other for much longer, plus the mother being there for her daughter as she is growing up.

I love how it shows that you can have friendships when you are a child and into an adult. As you may grow apart at times, and find yourselves apart and changing. But when it really matters you know that you will be there for that friend and they will be right there for you. The fact that this story was based in a period before the internet and before mobile phones were ever present it was harder to keep in touch with people. In this movie it was mainly done by letters, maybe we should still have people we keep in touch with by letters?

I really have seen this movie a lot now and it still really gets to me. I am lucky if I manage to get through this movie without shedding a tear.

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