Unfaithful (2002) Review

A New York suburban couple Connie (Diane Lane) and Ed’s (Richard Gere) marriage goes astray as Connie has an adulterous fling, with Paul (Olivier Martinez). Risking her marriage and pretty much her lifestyle, for an affair which contains sex like she never had in her marriage. She was bored and ended up spending quite a lot of time with Paul during the day while her husband was at work and their son was at school. I will not reveal what happens at the end as I think the twists it takes are very good. I do like when she has a flashback to the day she met Paul and thinks about the way it should have gone, which I think just helps to show that every decision we make can go two ways and change everything, or you can keep it all the same.


The two taglines for this movie are “Where do you go when you’ve gone too far?” and “If you had the opportunity, would you?” both of which I think pretty much describe Connie in this movie and probably millions of people around the world. I wonder how many people in a marriage or in a long-term serious relationship would have an affair if they had an opportunity too. Know one would find out and I bet a lot of people would be very tempted by that.

Some of the problems I have with this movie has to be the way Connie behaves with her affair. If she was just going to Paul’s house I would think thats more believable than sitting in a coffee shop all over each other, kissing and everything. (Hence Ed’s colleague spotting Connie, although she does not see this). I just think if you’re going to have an affair you would be a little more careful. Yes I know it’s a movie but it could have been more believable in that sense.

I also always struggle with the fact that she cheats on Richard Gere, I mean who would in reality really cheat on Richard Gere? Yes I am a big fan of his, but his character was not totally horrible to Connie and it was also not like they did not have an active sex life. The bath scene in which Ed joins his wife, only to be totally rejected is quite heartbreaking as watching you know she has gone way too far with Paul. As it appears that she is falling in love with her lover. Does this differ for men and women? Are men more prone to affairs which are just for sex and can still love their wife? Does this movie show that women struggle more to separate a sexual affair and emotional affair? I have probably gone off on reviewing this movie, but I do think that all of these questions or points are issues that this movie brings up in the world of marriage, sex, relationships, family and just being able to change your everyday life with something different.

Performance wise I think from all three leading actors is of a high standard. Richard Gere for making the audience really feel sorry for him in a unique way of embarrassment and kinda not being able to believe his wife could cheat on him. Diane Lane was just brilliant, especially in the scene after she first has sex with Paul and she does not know whether to be happy and smile, or sad and cry. So she kinda laughs and then cries all at the same time. It was such a powerful scene, as she really did not know which emotion to have after doing the deed of cheating on her husband. Olivier Martinez acts very irresistable and charming which aids to Connie having the affair with him, because he was very helpful one day.

I have watched this movie quite a few times now and seem to like it more and more because I seem to pick something else up from it. I just think it’s a very delicate subject matter in very realistic way, which may seem like a contradiction as I said earlier I did not like the cafe scene when Connie pretty much looks like she is with Paul and has no husband. But I guess in some cases that might occur. However, I really do think that this movie would be a very strange and difficult one to watch with your partner as it might lead to a discussion, and you might find out things you do not want to.

5 thoughts on “Unfaithful (2002) Review

  1. This is the movie that made me fall in love, truly in love, with Diane Lane. There’s something very porous and vulnerable about her, and that worked to her favor with a character like this, a woman who cheats on her husband without having any solid reason to do so. The emotions that run across Lane’s face after that sex scene you mentioned are awe-inspiring. She is a gifted actress, and maybe one of the best working today.


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more there she is a very gifted actress. I would love to see her in another movie with Richard, as they have such chemistry between them, “Nights in Rodanthe” was just so lovely.


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