Surrogates (2009) Review

Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) is a policeman who must investigate death’s of people who had been killed while plugged in and controlling their surrogate. The surrogate was killed, as was the person this was not supposed to be possible. It was supposed to be safer for the real person to go out with a surrogate in order for them to not get hurt or in any danger. A few twists and turns are in the plot to see who is trying to stop the world of surrogates and get people to really live again. I am not going to spoil the ending on who it was behind it all, see if you can figure it out when you go to see this film.


A problem with this film in my opinion had to be that it went a little bit over the top with the jumping up and across buildings thing, as it did not appear the surrogates could do things like that at the beginning of the film. This created some rather amusing moments, as it was a little strange at times. But the surrogates were quite creepy at times as well, with the eyes being so big and shinny.

Bruce Willis looked very old in this film, which I was guessing was the idea as his surrogate looked like a younger version of him. When he started to go out without his surrogate it just showed how much the people were not used to leaving the house anymore “alone”. I think this is another example of a good idea for a movie but it does not quite work out as well as it could have done. (Especially with Willis in the main role).

I thought the start, showing how surrogates came to take over normal life should have been done a bit better. Rather than flashing through a lot of years in a rather quick time. Just to get more of an idea how they changed everything and possibly showing how people came to rely on them so much instead of wanting to really feel things and live there own life.

The main point I got from this movie, was to really go out there and live your life and take everything good from it in order to enjoy it. Live as if it could possibly be your last day, and take risks that you may not ususally take and just kinda go for it so to speak. I don’t know if this was the point to take from the movie, but in something that I found lacking many things that was the main point I managed to pull from it.

5 thoughts on “Surrogates (2009) Review

  1. Looks like we drew the same conclusions about the execution of the film. Although I did think Bruce Willis was good. Good point about the surrogates jumping around, I didn’t see it like that but now you mention it you are correct, maybe I should have waited before posting I could have stolen your ideas!


  2. It took me a while to manage getting this review done, as I just really struggled to express how I felt about the movie.

    The other thing I thought was funny/strange with the surrogates was with the thing that was like doing drugs? (I forgot to mention it in the review).


  3. Same here, I saw it on Sunday but have only just got around to the review. I did touch on the drug thing but didn’t go into much detail. We have probably made most of the relevant observations between us.


  4. I had a real problem with the technology in the film. I wrote a Surrogates review myself, though I couldn’t get past the lack of attention to the cultural impact/world. I realize I’m a fool for getting stuck on that one note, but it’s my head, so I’m sticking to it. 😉


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