Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Review

This has to be one of my favorite and most watched films ever. Just because I used to watch it so much when I was little when it first came out and still love watching it now. It still manages to make me smile and laugh, even though I do know all of the words and even tone in which the words are said. Yes that has to help describe my love for this film. I am always shocked to hear if someone has not seen this film as I always just assume that everyone has.

So just incase anyone out there has not seen it, the basic plot is that Daniel (Robin Williams) and Miranda (Sally Field) are a couple who decided to split up and get divorced and have three children, in order to see his children Daniel dresses up as a woman Mrs. Doubfire and is hired as their babysitter, cleaner and cook (something Daniel never done at home when he was himself). Bring on lots of funny moments, involving playing a broom like a guitar to “dude looks like a lady” and setting himself on fire. Then when a new man comes into Miranda’s life Stu (Pierce Brosnan), Daniel must watch from very close in as this man becomes part of his children’s lives.

One of my favorite scenes involves trying to figure out which face matches the voice Daniel done for Mrs Doubtfire. Which involved a lot of make-up changes and more hilarious moments, especially when he looks like Barbra Streisand and sings “don’t rain on my parade”.

I really do think this is still one of the best comedies out there, but while also having a rather serious storyline with it. Parents getting divorced and families splitting up. How you have to deal with this, and what can happen in the process (although I do not think many dad’s would dress up as an old woman). But a court scene towards the end of the film really is totally heart breaking in my opinion, by the speech Daniel completes and then being told it’s the work of a talented actor is really difficult to watch. I think that the fact that a father wants to be with and see his children so much is such an encouraging storyline and so nice at the same time.

The restaurant scene when Daniel has to be himself and Mrs Doubtfire all in one night for two separate dinners is highly amusing. As he has to keep running backwards and forwards to the bathroom in order to keep getting changed. But drinking a lot between two tables soon catches up to him when he sits down as Mrs Doubtfire at the wrong table (but manages to pass it off as a character, and gets a tv show out of it), then thinking he killed Stu.

I think Robin Williams really put in just a fantastic performance, showing how talented he is . . . as a man and as a woman!!! But in all seriousness though I really do think he was just fantastic in this film. Sally Field was also brilliant, especially with her special Sally Field freak out scene toward the end of the film.

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Review

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