THe Accidental Husband (2008) Review

A romantic comedy with quite a few twists and turns, can you really guess how it is going to end? The answer to that question is still yes, even if it does have a few twists to the story that might make you think ooo well maybe I was wrong.

Dr Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) is the love doctor offering advice on a radio show, Richard Bratton (Colin Firth) is her fiance and Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a fireman who’s fiance cancels the wedding because of Emma’s advice. Patrick therefore decides to get his own back on Emma when he finds out she is getting married and manages to hack into a computer system to say that she is already married and to him none the less. Obviously this is found out by Emma when she goes to get married to Richard. She then finds Patrick and in true rom-com style obviously she falls for the man who is actually her husband . . . yes strange but I bet you guessed that was going to happen any way. Apologizes if anyone reading this thinks I spoilt that, but I am sure even from the title you can guess whats going to happen.

I still found this enjoyable and was probably pulled into watching it because of my very favorite man Colin Firth. Who again in this film plays the similar role of the very nice guy, but this time unfortunately he finishes last this time. I do not think I could replace Colin Firth. But Jeffery Dean Morgan is very attractive and very charming in his role in this film, so isn’t a bad second choice. But I guess I am biased towards Colin being such a big fan of his. I think this is the first time i’ve seen Uma Thurman in a rom-com and I thought she done a good job of it. Playing the up-tight career focused woman who never really done anything crazy. I very much liked the scene when she got drunk it was probably the funniest part of this film.

Overall, this was not a bad film or anything like that. It was entertaining and enjoyable for what it was, which is pretty much all you can hope for in this type of film. You laugh, you agree with things related to relationships, you compare to your life and then how it is all so different. So I found it enjoyable for what it is.

2 thoughts on “THe Accidental Husband (2008) Review

  1. Much as I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (he was G-R-E-A-T as The Comedian in “Watchmen”), I’m not sure I can stomach this — looks too fluffy and completely unoriginal.


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