Gamer (2009) Review

In the future video gaming has taken to a new extreme, people controlling real people . . . yes that sounds very strange but thats how far everything had come in the future in this film. Castle (Michael C. Hall) was the founder of two different “simulation” worlds the first having actors, who are controlled by the users doing what ever they want. Then second was a “TV Show” called Slayers which involved convicts from death row to battle to the death while being controlled by a user.

Kable (Gerard Butler) is the star of the whole show as he made it through 27/28 battles, the whole point of it was in any of them made it to 30 they would therefore be released from death row and therefore the show and have a second chance at life. Simon (Logan Lerman) is the user who controls Kable, he is a 17-year-old boy. Kable wants to get out so he can find and be with his wife and daughter again. But Castle has other plans, to increase his bank balance which I will not go into so I do not spoil the film.

I suppose the whole idea of the film is to say how far will it all go in relation to reality tv and computer games appearing more and more realistic. So this could have been a really good film, or at least potential to be. I did not really enjoy it, I cannot lie. I just found it rather pathetic at times mainly because of the terrible jokes which were difficult to figure out if they were actually supposed to be funny or not.

I do like Gerard Butler a lot (and yes I am referring to his acting, even though he is very nice looking) and I think the different roles he seems to take on is one of the main reasons for liking him more each time. I think he makes a very good action hero if you want to class a few of his roles in this category now. But he has also done some very different things such as “Phantom of the Opera” and then the rom-com genre with “P.S. I Love You” and “The Ugly Truth” which make him more appealing to women as showing a more sensitive side. But I definitely think he is very appealing to both men and women because of his wide range of roles. This role I think will be good for both men and women.

Michael C. Hall was very creepy in his role as Castle. I know he is from Dexter but have never seen that but remember watching Six Feet Under A Few Times. But the “got no strings” scene was soooo creepy. I actually thought he put in a very good performance mainly from the creepiness. But some of the lines he was given were shocking it has to be said.

I would use “Death Race” as a comparison for this film, and I was not a fan of that either. But I think the idea between this film was better than that of Death Race. With the rise of the internet and video games ever evolving. Maybe this is more of a guy film, who knows? I am interested to see what others think of this film.

5 thoughts on “Gamer (2009) Review

  1. movies are a funny old game but its great reading and listening to other peoples views on films and it shows a bad movie to one person is another person’s great movie! enjoyed the review. Thanks for blogroll link on your blog just added your blog to mines! thanks!


  2. This was a pretty atrocious movie for me. Just cheap and obscene nudity for no good reason, and you would expect the action sequence to be spectacular but they were anything but that 😦


  3. The action sequences are disappointing, there’s a distinct lack of wit or invention in the direction and it’s also impossible to care about the characters when they’re so thinly sketched. I just did not like this film at all, but I tried too. Good review, check out mine when you can!


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