Julie & Julia (2009) Review

I would advise not to watch this film when hungry as it will just make you even worse. So much food that really does look good enough to eat and even makes you want to cook it. Is that partly the point of this film, to encourage people to cook? That would make sense as Julia makes Julie want to cook and inspires her blog. I decided to read some what in to the background of Julie Powell’s blog and found out that it is the first blog to be made into a movie. How ironic that I am not blogging about a movie that was based on a blog?

Julia Child (Meryl Streep) was part author of a book teaching American women how to cook French Food. Her part of the film shows what she went through to write the book, and what she learnt on the way. From first moving to France and falling in love with French food and having to move with her husband Paul (Stanley Tucci) to different places in Europe.

Julie Powell (Amy Adams) lives with her husband Eric (Chris Messina) who had just moved from Brooklyn to Queens in New York. In 2002, Julie works in a call centre dealing with the aftermath of September 11th. She starts to think that she has nothing in her life, and decides to start a project called Julie/Julia blog where she has 365 days to make 536 recipes.

Two separate stories are intertwined by the cook book, Julia Child learning for maybe the first time how to cook something that is then in the cook book and then being made by Julie Powell in the next scene or vice versa. But dont take that comment the wrong way it does not flip back and forwards too much between the two. It actually tells more of a story than just changing between the two. Showing how both woman through their love of food manage to make their life more interesting and something to kinda of live for.

Julie becomes very obsessed with her task of cooking everything from the book in a year and of course as expected it puts a strain on her relationship with her husband, who after one incident in the kitchen does leave her alone for a few days. But she comes to her senses and apologises using her blog of all things, as he will not talk to her on the phone.

Julia enters a male dominated world of cooking in France in the early 1900’s, but soon shows them that she is indeed fearless and will be better than them all put together. She meets some other women chef’s and then begins helping them on a cook book. Which takes years and years to even put together, let alone finish.

After seeing this film, I did not know whether I wanted to eat, cook, learn to cook properly, read the cook book or indeed read the book by Julie Powell which was based on her blog. Maybe all of those things one at a time or all rolled into one. I really did find it inspiring towards cooking, and I really cannot see that as a bad thing. Especially if loads of other people out there feel the same way and want to begin cooking. Mind you I really do not think I could bone a goose or the other tasks with raw meat  . . . but you never know I might just have to prove myself wrong!

Performance wise, I actually think Meryl will gain yet another Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Julia Child. She really was just fantastic (as usual) but she really can become any character, I do not think I have ever seen her even act similar in her many different characters over the years. She really is just fantastic. Stanley Tucci is an actor who I just love, he is always the supporting role I have never seen him as the lead. But he is just so good at it, and to see him in another film with Meryl is just fantastic. Especially have nearly every scene with her, they have such great chemistry and it’s just brilliant. He really does keep impressing me with his many different roles. (The Devil Wears Prada and Shall We Dance? being my favorites). Amy Adams was very good again in this film, showing the different range of her acting in my opinion. I think she really is going to keep going from strength to strength.

I feel the most appropriate ending to this review is  . . . Bon appetit!

4 thoughts on “Julie & Julia (2009) Review

  1. People (including me) joke about the fact that Meryl gets nominated for an Oscar any time she shows up in a movie, but there’s a reason: she’s a damn fine actress. I’m not sure this is Oscar-caliber work, but it’s close.

    Though I love Amy Adams, I do feel that her storyline was not nearly as interesting as that of Julia Child. Amy did a great job with her part, but she couldn’t compete with Meryl the way she could — and did! — in “Doubt.”


  2. Yeah you are totally spot on there is a reason why Meryl gets nominated for Oscar’s because she really is just fantastic in which ever role she is in. She just brings something special to a film. Yeah this may not win her an Oscar but I am still convinced that she will be nominated (unless we are heading towards some releases with very very strong female performances in them).


  3. Great review. In my eyes Meryl can do no wrong and now I actually expect her to be brilliant. I thought the end was rubbish though. The ending fell down but Meryl and Stan held it together as a film and I loved it. I think they work so well together and I look forward to seeing them together in more projects. Check out my review when you can!


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