District 9 (2009) Review

I think the first and best word I can use to describe this film is disappointing. After the trailers and loads of posters building up suspense it was a rather let down.

An alien race crashed on earth and the mothership could not take off and just stayed in the sky in South Africa. 20 years later the aliens who are now more than 1.5 million in population live in slum like conditions, loving to eat cat food and trying to get it no matter what. A human ends up exposed to some fluid which causes him to slowly transform into alien form.

The film was done in half documentary and then normal formats, while keep cutting back to “experts” giving there opinions to make it sound like it was a real event which had actually occured. But at some point it just stopped being a handheld camera and turned to a normal film.

Wikus Van De Merwe was one of the head operatives of the relocation of the alien residents of District 9 to their new homes in District 10 when he was exposed to an alien chemical. This chemical starts him off on the course of transforming into an alien. He loses everything that he had, including his wife and home. Everyone he worked with turned on him and they wanted nothing to do with him after he escaped. They wanted him to be an experiment as with his arm first turning alien he could therefore use the alien’s weapons. (which human’s could not do).

In this film some amusing moments were in it but I am not sure if they were actually meant to be funny or not. Calling the alien’s prawns was very entertaining but like everything else in this film after so long it got rather boring and annoying (for me that was, I do not know about others).  Another word that annoyed me was the use of the word f**k, I do not mind swearing at all but the over use in this film annoyed me or maybe it was the way the guy was saying it. Last thing that annoyed me was when the blood was splatting off the camera as that happened quite a lot of times and was kinda funny the first time but not after that.

I have to say that I did not really like this film, I could not help but to compare parts of it to Cloverfield with the hand held cameras being used. But I guess that really goes for any films with hand held cameras being used. I am going to stop this review now but I really was not a fan at all of this film and do not plan on watching it again any time soon, if ever again I think once is enough for me.

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