Enchanted (2007) Review

When Giselle ends up leaving her fantasy world of Andalasia and ends up in New York City before her wedding. She just so happens to fall in love with a lawyer.


What would happen if a Disney fairytale of Prince and Princess finding each other and living happily ever after, ended up in Manhattan, New York City? Well, we find out in Enchanted. Giselle (Amy Adams) just finds her Prince, Edward (James Marsden) in typical Disney fashion they are about to get married. But a wicked old woman pushes Giselle into a well, and she is transported to NYC.

As you can imagine some hilarious moments are bound to happen as NYC is not the most friendly of places, especially if some woman is claiming to be a Princess and looking for her Prince while dressed in a massive wedding dress. But she just so happens to meet divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) who is very much a man who does not really believe so much in love with his daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey) who thinks its brilliant and believes that Giselle is a Princess. Giselle obviously does not make much sense to anyone talking about her Prince, getting animals in to clean the house and anything else fairytale like that you can think of. Funny moments involving a dwarf, singing in the park, and lots of others.

Yes I will admit that I have always been a fan of this film. I saw it when it came out in the cinema and pretty much did fall in love with it. As sad as that may seem I just really found it brilliant that Disney was able to pretty much take the mic out of its self and all the other fairytale films they had done. Showing that Disney has a sense of humour in the respect of changing times. As does anything in life really live happily ever after?

Also I must admit that I could not really work out which way the ending was going to go and who Giselle was going to end up with. Being a musical geek Idina Menzel in this film as Nancy, Robert’s girlfriend was something that made me smile. She should be in more films in my opinion, just a shame she does not get to sing in this one though. But anyway aside that I really do think this is a very good family film, that could be watched and enjoyed by all ages. Disney can still do that even if it is not a cartoon.

I would really like to see Disney do something similar to this again, as it really is just fun to watch and possibly shows how cynical people can be in regards to love nowadays and I for one am no different. But a film like this really does make you think and wonder if you are right, or if indeed true love will over see everything. As the song says “true loves kiss” yes thats a song from the film incase you did not know.

I think this is the role which really got Amy Adams into a more mainstream spotlight and helped her go on to get many different roles after this performance. Possibly how she has a couple of films alongside Meryl Streep since this film. But it really did show her in a different light and after this I was even more impressed with her performance in “Doubt” as it was total opposite to this role where she was all happy and carefree, singing and dancing around. I really do think she will go on to do some fantastic film roles. James Marsden is another actor who is starting to show all of the different roles he can take on, and that he can also sing. I think he has come along way since seeing him in X-Men. Susan Sarandon while is not in the film very much in physical form, she is still her usual brilliant self with even just her voice, she is defiantly one of my favorites.

So watch this film and I think it will put a smile on your face for so many different reasons.

3 thoughts on “Enchanted (2007) Review

  1. This is a pretty clever film, and the sort of smart thing I wish Disney would do more of.

    One question though, something that’s always driven my fiancee nuts: what’s the point of casting Idina Menzel in a musical movie and not giving her a song??


  2. Hmmm that is a very good question !!! Especially that by far she would have had the best voice out of the whole cast. Very cruel isnt it having her not sing.


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