The Final Destination (2009) Review

Death will catch up with you when you try and cheat your time being up. That is what happens when a young man has a premonition and helps to save his friends, or so he thinks!


This film takes a special place in my filming watching history, the first movie I have seen in 3D in the cinema. While not usually a genre and type of film I really get excited about going to see. But with having a very handy Unlimited Cineworld card (although having to pay an extra 1.50 for 3D is not the best) I do go to see things I would not have gone to see like 5 years ago, as when you pay monthly and can go as many times as you want, makes it easy to go and see everything.

Anyway, I am sure everyone knows how these films go. One of the group gets a premonitionabout an event which will lead to their death and manges to get everyone out of the said event. This one being a race track, yes very good thing to pick for the 3D-ness which is able to do. Involving screws, bolts etc (yes I did jump at a stupid screw flying out near the start).

The film makers really did take advantage that the film was going to be released in 3D, by having scenes with wood, fire, explosions and pretty much anything else you can think of which could stick out into the screen in an attempt to make the audience jump and move out of the way of different objects. Which happened quite a few times with different people in the audience, it is also rather amusing looking around and seeing everyone sitting with the 3D classes on, which in my opinion look very much like Woody Allen’s glasses.

At times the film seemed quite rushed, possibly trying to fit too many different deaths in quite a short space of time. I am possibly expecting a longer version to be released on DVD like in a director’s cut type thing (I could be wrong though, but it did seem at times like some parts had been cut out to make the film shorter).

The ending was quite sudden after quite a long build up and rather disappointing, but I guess that was the only way they could think of to really end it. SPOILER: I did not realise that at the end the bus number was 180 and thats what flight started it all? As only seeing the first film once I could not remember said detail until a friend mentioned it too me afterwards. So I actually found that rather clever, and probably will go unnoticed by a lot of people as I did not notice either.

This was probably a very good ending to the franchise in 3D glory showing death in a more real way. Well if you can call some of the death’s realistic or not that is very debatable. But still a good way to wrap everything up especially with the bus/flight number.

4 thoughts on “The Final Destination (2009) Review

  1. There are a lot of “180” references in the movie. There are actually a ton of references to the first film throughout the whole thing… almost every scene. For instance, the name of the swimming pool place was “Clear Rivers,” which is the name of Ali Larter’s character from the first two films.


  2. There’s absolutely no reason for The Final Destination to exist other than the only one Hollywood studios really care about: a cynical cash grab. And that sucks, cause I really liked the first and second. Oh well, check out my review when you can!


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