Inglourious Basterds (2009) Review

Nazi occupied France during World War II sees a plan from some Jewish US soldiers attempt to assassinate Nazi leaders.


A Tarantino film about the Nazi’s, yes you just know its going to be blood and guts every now and then. With some random conversations (everyone knows the burger conversation from Pulp Fiction). Tarantino likes to be a bit different and kinda do his own thing.

The set up of the story in the movie was down in chapter’s if I can remember rightly it was put into 5 chapters. At first I did not think they would all intertwine with the previous chapters but they did eventually all fit together and tell the one story. Which at times was pretty slow in my opinion, but I was rather tired and there was a lot of subtitles to have to read. Which kept changing from French and German speaking, this was a little confusing.

I made a decision that I did particularly like this film. Which is probably a big statment to make but it just didnt really keep my attention other than having to read the subtitles. My friends were of the other opinion and quite enjoyed it, so I guess this is going to pretty much get mixed reviews. Someone actually asked me if they should go see it or not. But I dont really like telling people not to watch something unless it really is bad. As I would not really say that this was bad, I just wasnt a big fan of it. Maybe I expected a little more from it or something.

Performance wise, Brad Pitt was brilliant as usual so nothing new there, haha. But Christoph Waltz really stole the show in a fantastic manner. He was creepy, evil while also rather amusing all rolled into one. He really was fantastic and I am positive a lot more mainstream roles will be given to him. I had to check good old imdb to find out what else he had been in but if you look nearly all of the titles are German. But I definatly think he will get more roles, and probably be the bad guy as he done evil so well.

I guess the whole storyline of a jew who saw her family all killed managed to help kill Hitler and all of the other high ranking German miltary men was bitter-sweet because of the way she saw her family killed. But I guess seeing the Nazi’s brought down was good. As with all Tarantino films this one was no different with the high death count.

While I have stated that I did not really like this film, I am by no means saying dont go and see it as it wasnt bad. I just wasnt a fan. Maybe like Pulp Fiction I will have to give it another watch sometime.

Curious to see how everyone else finds this film. On a side note I am back in the Cineworld Pass club 🙂

5 thoughts on “Inglourious Basterds (2009) Review

  1. Now is this one full of typical Tarantino dialogue? If you found it kind of boring, I have to wonder if this one is running into the same problem I had with his Death Proof film, dialogue that didn’t interest me.

    I’m a big fan of Pitt and watching him smirk his way through the trailer still has me excited. I’ll still have to check this one out.


  2. @ hagi… The answer to your question is “Yes, it has a lot of the usual Tarantino dialogue.” Many of the chapters follow the same set-up: set the stage with a long round of witty banter, then cut loose into a fury of violence.

    @ Caz… Your review sounds a bit conflicted. You mention more than a few good things the movie has going on, but admit that your heart wasn’t in it. I think you’re on to something when you say you’ll have to see it again…someday 🙂


  3. I agree with Mad Hatter, you don’t seem to have any specific reasons for not liking other than being tired and not wanting to read subtitles, yet detailed explanations of what was great about it. I would give it a second chance when it hits DVD. I thought it was the best of 2009 so far.


  4. Yeah I will give it a second chance and review it again, to see what is different in my reviewing.

    I did have to watch Pulp Fiction a few times before I really appreciated it, so maybe this will be the same.


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