Sex and the City: The Movie (2008) Review

Carrie Bradshaw is a New York City writer and is eventually getting marry her Mr. Big, will he turn up though? Everything is then placed on her three best friends to pick up the pieces when everything in true Carrie fashion goes terribly wrong.


SATC is my favorite EVER TV Show. I have seen every episode so many times, have the shoebox box set of the whole series. So when they announced that the film was going to made. I was so happy about it, I even went to see it twice in the cinema when it first came out last year. Then when I went to NYC last year I was in heaven in the HBO shop buying lots of SATC merchandise.

While yes it is not the best film ever made, in that sense. It is a very good movie for SATC fans, I don’t really expect anyone who wasn’t a big fan and I just a movie fan who went to see this actually like it as you have to care about the characters and already love them to really appreciate this film. But to be able to see Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and Big on the big screen was just fantastic. If you are not a prior fan of the tv series I guess it won’t really mean a whole lot to you.

The main storyline in this movie was Carrie and Big eventually deciding to get married after ten years of the on-off Carrie/Big relationship which we never knew how it was going to end in the TV show. Of course she could not have stayed with the Russian in Paris, so it was Mr Big to the rescue to take Carrie back to where she belonged in New York.

The film starts with Carrie going to meet Big to have a look around an apartment (which we are lead to believe they had been doing since we left them at the end of the tv show). They end up looking at the penthouse, which Big says he will buy. Carrie then has to make a decision about her apartment, but while she is deciding this, they decide to get married, if that is what she wants.

It always did seem really tricky and like Big would not turn up to the wedding, at the last second he changes his mind to go back when he realises that he is making a mistake. But it was too late by then Carrie had already started to leave. When the cars they are both in stop in a street, they get out and she totally freaks out on him, and Charlotte’s face is just priceless. Something that has since become a sensation online.

Having watched the film quite a few times now I still love it a lot, but as I said earlier it is not the best movie ever but because I was such a fan of the TV I cannot help but love the movie. The SATC little geek that I have become over the years. I cannot wait for the second big screen outing and quite curious what they are going to do with the girls next.

3 thoughts on “Sex and the City: The Movie (2008) Review

  1. What I love so much about the movie is the same thing I loved about “Sex and the City” as a TV show: It focuses on adult female friendships. There are too few shows and movies that do that, that show how women interact with one another once the 20s and 30s have passed. I also loved Sarah Jessica Parker’s performance, particularly in the scene where she looks in the mirror after the wedding disaster. She looks her age, and SJP lets us see that. There’s no vanity there, just honesty. What a beautiful moment, and what a great movie.


  2. For me it was the first half of a season shoved into two hours. A great acknowledgment of the show without having forced anything with the characters. I was content with how the season ends, in fact I admit to getting choked up each time I watch the finale especially the moment with Harry and Charlotte……………but I’m glad they made the movie and am enthused about the next. I’m certain they did it right, if only for the fans, there’s certainly enough of us.


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