88 Minutes (2007) Review

Jack Gramm helped in a case against a serial killer and put him in jail, receiving the death penalty. On the day he is due to be executed Gramm receives a call informing him he has 88 minutes to live.


When you see Al Pacino’s name above the title of a film you really do expect it to be something special or at least good right? Of course he has built up a fantastic reputation for himself over the years. But 88 Minutes while he is decent, it really lacks something. What annoyed me the most in this film was the constant phone calls, it was like i’ll call you back then his phone ringing. Just shows how technology can ruin the movies too! While watching I thought Orange had eventually go there wish and a movie revolved around mobile phone conversations. (UK cinema-goers will get this, because of the adverts on before the film starts).

It’s a murder mystery which has been done on many ocassions before, I will admit that my guess on who was helping out the convict was indeed wrong but I was pretty close in all honesty. But I did not really care enough about this film to be really that bothered by the ending. I think Neal McDonough makes a very good killer, he really creeps me out. Especially after his character in “Desperate Housewives” he was just a total psycho in that too.

So this film was just really lacking stronger character’s in my opinion, as thinking of the basic plot of a man being told he has 88 minutes to live. That really does sound like it could be a good film, Pacino wasnt bad, but can he really ever be bad? I was in the minority enjoying “Righteous Kill” and love Pacino in that. But he wasn’t as loveable in this one. Yes I realise loveable is not the direction in which this film was going for, but still you have to at the very least be able to like the characters. I don’t think some of the support cast were the best picked for this film either, they were just not quite there yet and given pretty awful script to attempt to work with.

Let’s hope Pacino’s next film venture makes up for the bad taste this film leaves in your mouth.

2 thoughts on “88 Minutes (2007) Review

  1. I missed this one in the theater … but you make it sound like I didn’t miss much. I try to keep an open mind, but some movies sound dubious when you hear the premise. This was one of them, but I suppose I need to see it to appreciate how bad a Pacino movie this really is.


  2. Yeah I missed it in the theater too, I remember in the UK it came out like a week after Righteous Kill and something else must have come out that week. So I never got round to seeing it, then heard it didnt get very good reviews and it closed pretty quick so I am asuming it did not get the audiences in. You should still give it a watch and see what you think of it, and if you think the same as I did, if you can help me figure out what exactly was missing.


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