Die Hard (1988) Review

Terrorists take over a building, but John McClane an NYPD officer is there to save the day. Mainly because his wife was one of the hostages during a Christmas Party in Los Angeles. Led by Hans Gruber.


John McClane has become one of the most popular action heroes in cinematic history, that is not being over the top at all. This film is very well received and along with that Hans Gruber is seen as one of the biggest bad guys in cinematic history! All well and truly deserved as Die Hard is easily one of the greatest action films of all time, ever! The debate every year come December as well when people fight over it being a Christmas film or not. That’s certainly something that leaves a lot of people divided.

John must work alone to take down the German terrorists who are hoping to pull off a huge heist, as he has no sign of backup. But don’t worry though as he eventually gets a machine gun. Such an iconic shot of the body telling Gruber just that. His NYPD training certainly comes in handy as he tries to take down the men that have taken over the building.

I think having an event take place like this around Christmas time hits harder as everyone is supposed to be having such an amazing time right? Well, that is certainly how Christmas is built up and not something I personally agree with but I think it helps in terms of story in this film.

Alan Rickman is truly outstanding as Hans Gruber and this really does help cement a possible title of being such an amazing bad guy in so many films. This one really is one of the best performances in his career (which is saying a lot as he has had a truly outstanding career). Bruce Willis the ultimate hard man and action hero excels himself in this film, I often wonder if he has ever really come close to this performance level in other films throughout his career? I guess that is a very tough question.

Die Hard rightly has a huge fan base and throughly deserves it. You just have to watch friends and love how excited Joey and Chandler get over watching Die Hard to show just how huge the film was into the 90s and to the present day, will we ever see an action film at this level again?

8 thoughts on “Die Hard (1988) Review

  1. Glad to hear you finally got around to a classic. I actually count it as one of my favorite Christmas movies!

    As for Rickman, I’m with you – it’s all about the voice. I don’t think he’s ever had a better on-screen moment than when he’s taunting McClane at the end of the film…

    “What was that you said to me? Oh yes – yippekayae…motherfucka


  2. I always wondered why it always appeared in Christmas lists and now it all makes sense.

    That was a brilliant moment !!!

    I love Alan Rickman in one of my favorite films, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


  3. Wow – catching up with the Die Hard films.

    The first is a stone cold classic and whilst the rest never live up to it they are all fun in their own special way. Jeremy Iron’s accent in part three deserves a film all to itself and following the spectacular non-progression of McClane’s character throughout the series is delightful.


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