All The President’s Men (1976) Review

The Washington Post uncover the details of the Watergate scandal led by two reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, this will result in the resignation of President Richard Nixon from the White House.


All The President’s Men focuses on two journalists trying to find out the truth of the Watergate scandal which eventually lead to the downfall of President Nixon causing him to resign not long after the story came out in the press. I really enjoyed seeing the story of how the Watergate scandal was brought to everyone attention and how Nixon’s involvement in the cover up was foun

I seem to like anything about the Presidents in the USA, I really enjoyed Frost/Nixon seeing how Nixon eventually showed remorse in what he had done, and how wrong he had been to get into such a scandal. I thought the acting from Hoffman and Redford was just fantastic. Two young journalists battling to keep their jobs and end up on one of the biggest stories of all time. They risked their lives at times in an attempt to get to the bottom of what happened at Watergate. It was a lot bigger than they first thought, as everyone was involved, the FBI, CIA and everyone in and around the president.

I really thought it was just fantastic how two people can mange to change and bring everything to other people’s attention. I also think what makes this an even more gripping watch, is that it is based on the real life story of the two reporters who brought Watergate out in the press. It was based on the book written by both Bernstein and Woodward.

The performance from Robert Redford really is fantastic, he engages you and makes you want to continue watching. Linking up very well with Dustin Hoffman they really do have a very special chemistry on screen together. Jason Robards was also fantastic and he even picked up the best supporting actor award (and the the only acting nomination). All working so well together making you forget that the running time is almost 2 hours and 20 minutes, it certainly does not feel that long when your watching it!

While the subject matter of two journalists could risk being boring to watch that was not the case the film is very tense and even has a few nervy moments as we wonder if they will be save as they get closer and closer to uncovering the truth. Considering the film is from the 70s I don’t really think that goes against it when watching it now. It stands the test of time in my opinion and a very key event in American history.

Nominated for Best Picture and rightly so, losing to Rocky so I find it hard to really complain about that as you probably know how I feel about the Rocky series. But looking and the 1977 Oscars had some quality films in contention, showing just how strong that year was and this film really does get better with each viewing.

4 thoughts on “All The President’s Men (1976) Review

  1. Yeah, when you say it like that you wonder why it is so good haha. One of the main things I was thinking about when watching it was how hard reporting must have been then, when all you had was someone’s word with not a lot of proof or hard evidence. Whereas now if you have a picture or video, or recording you cannot deny that you have said anything.


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