21 (2008) Review

Based on the remarkable true story of six MIT students who were trained to be experts in card counting and took Las Vegas casinos for millions of dollars in winnings.


Jim Sturgess is quickly becoming an actor I think will go onto great things and become a favorite of mine. That maybe quite a bold statement after seeing him in two movies “21” and “Across the Universe” but he really has blown me away in both films. With two totally different performances, and of course Kevin Spacey is in this too. He is his usual brilliant self.

Math students, a teacher, blackjack and VEGAS. That is a very quick summary of the key factors in this film. A group of students lead by their teacher are trained to count cards and have a code so they know what the current count is at when they join the table. In an attempt to beat the Vegas system and win lots of money.

All this in place must make for good entertainment right? Yes it really was so good, I have to admit I was not expecting it to be that good. But I am so glad that it was that good. So cheating the tables at Vegas and winning lots of money seems like such a good idea. But of course it isnt always going to be that easy.

Kevin Spacey is an actor who really hold my attention in what ever movie he is in, when he is on the screen. He has such a comanding sense when he is talking and you just want to listen to what he has to say. He is just incredible and every time I watch him I love him even more. But anyway, this movie was very very good. The cheating, backstabbing and becoming gready. All things that happened when it was only supposed to be raising enough for medical school. But things are never plan sailing, it just goes to show how easily you can become addicted with gambling and its not that easy to just walk away.

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