Wall-E (2008) Review

In a distant future where humans no longer reside on earth, a small waste collecting robot named Wall-E has a truly incredible space during and might just decide the fate of mankind.


Totally different, were my first thoughts after the movie finished. Having the main character not really saying anything apart from Wall-e or Eve . . . hence the reason it took more just about a year to eventually decide to watch it. (Yes I was curious as had heard so much about this movie).

Earth was not liveable for the human population for like 700 years, Wall-e was a robot who had to tidy up the Earth. Everything was going ok for Wall-e he was just doing his job cleaning up. Until one day Eve came along and nothing was the same again for Wall-e.

One of the taglines for this film was “After 700 years of doing what he was built for – he’ll discover what he’s meant for.” and in the trailer something is mentioned about them being wired differently. Its the whole opposites attract love story in robot form which has some just lovely moments (not really something you would ususally expect in an animated movie).

I have to admit I was kinda wondering what happened to the humans, but that question was quickly answered that they were on a ship sailing around space until the Earth was save to go back too. After 700 years of doing nothing human’s had become extremly obese as they used to just lie in their chairs all day every day. Which you could imagine a lot of people doing so that slightly amused me. Wall-e ended up on the ship after following Eve who had been taken back after finding a plant, proving it is possibly for things to grow on Earth again, hence it being safe to travel back and live there again.

I just think its so lovely when Eve realises it is Wall-e when they see each other for the first time on the ship. They both help the captain to make sure the plant is placed where it needs to be to send the ship back to Earth. But this comes at a cost as Wall-E starts to fall to pieces, and is broken. I really hated Disney for like 5 minutes when I thought that was it for Wall-e and then I hated them even more when Eve fixed him but he did not know who she was, that really broke my heart so much. But thanks Disney for deciding that was only a very short term thing and he remembered who she was, as I really was like OMG I cannot believe they have done that and felt so sad as he did not respond at all. (Sounds really random to be saying that about robots but believe me watch the film).

Overall, I did enjoy it even if I did hate Disney for those 5 minutes as I thought it was going to be such a tragic ending afterall they had been through together. But it was interesting having so many robots and them doing everything for the humans.

7 thoughts on “Wall-E (2008) Review

  1. One of my very favorite movies from last year. It was amazing to sit in a theatre full of kids, have precious little dialogue for the opening twenty minutes…but still see them all be riveted to the screen. That is a sign of brilliance.

    (Oh, once again if you’re curious…this is what I thought about it at the time).


  2. If someone had told me the best love story of 2008 would have involved two near-mute robots, I wouldn’t have believed it. But I have seen “WALL-E,” and now I’m a believer. The movie is visually stunning, but what keeps me coming back is WALL-E in all his hopeful loneliness. It kind of makes me wish there was a Best Actor Oscar for animated characters. At any rate, WALL-E goes down as one of my favorite non-human characters of all time.

    M. Carter at the Movies


  3. Yeah I couldn’t actually believe how romantic it actually was. Had heard it was, but with two robots I couldnt see how it would work ?!?! But WOW it really did.


  4. Wall-E proves that you can really care about robots. Transformers just failed.

    I love this film. It is a bit preachy in parts, but no more than happy feet which I also love. Kind of wonder why they bothered to get Susan Sarandon to voice Eve though….not like you could gtell it was her.


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