The Ugly Truth (2009) Review

Opposites attract and clash all at the same time when an uptight producer takes control of a morning show with relationships hosted by a man.


Lets start off by saying that yes I do enjoy romantic comedies (even if you know how its going to end up). This was no different really, it could have ended up doing the same damage which “He’s Just Not That Into You” done to me but it did not. Both men and women had very good points in this movie. Both of which are quite often true.

Gerard Butler was as gorgeous and charming as ever, even if some of the things he was telling women about men were hard to hear, on the most part it was all the truth. Katherine Heigl is really going for it in the romantic comedy genre, after “Knocked Up” and “27 Dresses” and now “The Ugly Truth” her character’s seem to be very similar in all of these movies. Concentrated on her career instead of men and a family. But she does do this very well. I thought they had good chemistry between the pair, in the arguments and then passion in the first kiss.

So the age old argument of what women want and what men want are two totally different things? I don’t think thats completly true, and this movie made that point as well. Sometimes men just want sex, but so do women. Sometimes women want love, and so do men. I think you just have to hope that when you want love, being a man or a woman you have to hope the person you want that with, also wants love and not just sex. That is definatly where the problem’s lie in my opinion. I think this film demonstrated just that (maybe not at the start, but towards the end). That a man might be bitter and twisted because a woman broke his heart, or many women.

This film was enjoyable, with some very amusing lines and moments (yes, as you would expect for a comedy). While of course it is not the best film ever made I think it totally fits its purpose of being a comedy and there for people to enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed it. (Yes I do like Gerard Butler, a lot but Eric Winter was also gorgeous).

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