Shrink (2009) Pictures

With being a huge fan of Kevin Spacey I am still really looking forward to this movie. Been looking at somethings about it today and came across some pictures.

I really do think this is going to be another great Spacey performance !!!

3 thoughts on “Shrink (2009) Pictures

  1. “Shrink” strikes me as a must-see film; then again, I feel that way about all Kevin Spacey films (except “K-Pax”). Several times I have tried to create a list of my favorite Kevin Spacey roles, and I always end up arguing (with myself, of course) over which one is THE best. Does Verbal Kint trump Lex Luthor, for example? Is Lester Burnham more compelling than Buddy Ackerman? I always end up giving up. Regardless, “Shrink” looks promising. It will be nice to see Spacey headlining another film again.

    M. Carter at the Movies


  2. Yeah I always think that about Kevin movies that they are going to be good. As youi said it is very nice to see Kevin headlining a film again. Instead of taking more of a back seat, in the supporting role (when he often outshines the lead in my opinion).


  3. Kevin Spacey is essentially one of the best actors period. I will see anything with him in it, even though I don’t always enjoy his movies I enjoy him.

    I almost prefer him in a supporting role sometimes, simply because he does it so well, but then you see him as Lester Burnham and it’s amazing.


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