New Moon (2009) Pictures

Just realised that I have not posted the first view stills that have been release for New Moon . . . so here they are . . .

3 thoughts on “New Moon (2009) Pictures

  1. I enjoyed the first one but am a bit concerned about this film. I have not read the books but then I am older and a bit too male for the target audience. I went to see the film for three reasons. There was nothing else on. I love vampire movies and Catherine Hardwicke is a great director. The problem with this second film is the track record of the chosen director Chris Weitz: The Golden Compass was an abomination that should have prevented him from working on any book adaptations ever again. About a Boy is the glittering pinnacle of his career and not a bad film (not a great one either). Down to Earth is a remake of Heaven Can Wait, I haven’t seen it but on the principle that all the best jokes are used in a films trailer this will not be a funny film. And finally American Pie I know it was popular but I hated it!


  2. I have not finished New Moon yet, I kinda started it straight after Twilight but something happened and I stopped reading not getting into it in the same fashion as Twilight.

    I have heard that New Moon for the film has been changed a lot from the book. As Edward is not in the book very much, but he is going to appear more in the movie than he was in the book. Possibly to make things flow better in the film series?


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