Cabaret (1972) Review

“Maybe this time . . . i’ll win”

The Nazi party is rising in Berlin but that didn’t stop Sally Bowles from being entangled in romance with two different men.


The movie in which everyone really started to love Judy Garland’s daughter, Liza Minnelli in her Oscar winning role as Sally Bowles. She really is fantastic in this movie and totally deserved the Oscar in my opinion. As did Joel Grey who is just really outrageous and incredible.

This really is a fantastic musical, Fosse style. Which basically means it is very unique in the Fosse style, you may see similarities between Cabaret and Chicago because of this. He had a very different dancing style to what had been seen before. It is pretty dark and not your typical musical, but again Fosse. Yes I will now stop saying Fosse as it will get old and boring very fast if I keep mentioning him.

I actually forgot how much I liked Cabaret, I have to admit I was not really its biggest fan on my first viewing. However, after a few viewings it has really grown on me. One of my favorite ever songs is in this as well “Maybe This Time”. I just find that song so inspiring for anyone who has ever thought about giving up on something in their life and this song, is for hope “maybe this time, I’ll win” doesnt really get any better than thinking that. You have to believe that not matter what you go through you can get there in the end.

I also find Michael York strangely attractive in a very geeky guy way. Which yes is very strange, if you have seen the movie and agree please try and help me figure out what it is, if you have not seen the film think about that when you watch it and if you have seen the film and do not agree, feel free to call be stupid for even thinking that he is attractive.

I also think it contains one of the best musical endings with the title song “Cabaret” it is just such a showstopping tune and so powerful in everything that Sally went through over the time we know her in the film and events which occured in her past (which are mentioned throughout). I always loved the opening line “what good is sitting all alone in your room.” That should be a moral on life, what good is sitting all alone in your room? You have to get out and do something with your life and change things when you really need to.

2 thoughts on “Cabaret (1972) Review

  1. Good post!

    I’ve had a theory for a long time – if there was such a thing as VHS/DVD screeners for Academy members back in 1972, this movie wins best picture. My theory is that CABARET plays much better on a small screen than THE GODFATHER does. With that in mind, CABARET wouldn’t have made for a half bad Best Pic choice.


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