Broadway: Wicked Review

This has been an obsession of mine for quite a while now, and I am so glad that I have eventually seen it and that it was on Broadway !!!


Nicole Parker as Elphaba

 Alli Mauzey as Glinda

Rondi Reed, Madame Morrible
Kevin Kern, Fiyero
Brynn O’Malley, Nessarose
Alex Brightman, Boq
Timothy Britten Parker, Doctor Dillamond
P.J. Benjamin, The Wizard

It is a show which really does have everything, drama, romance, comedy and pretty much life. At so many points and moments in the show I related with how a character was feeling as I either feel like that now or have felt like that in the past about someone or something that has happened. I found it a very emotional experience and felt myself wanting to cry in parts, but then laughing. The friendship which came about after so much hatred between the two. So many twists and turns throughout the show, one of which I had no idea of from listening to the soundtrack over and over. But I know like that I have pieced together the full story from seeing the show.

 I think the biggest show stopping moment is “defying gravity”. Which takes place at the end of the first act, just before the interval and it really is just incredible and fantastic.

Coming second to “Defying Gravity” in favorite songs from this musical (yes I love them all but have favorites, haha) as to be “As Long As Your Mine” the love song between Elphaba and Fiyero. Its just incredible, two people that you would never put together have fallen in love. Its quite a dark love song in terms of how love songs are in other musicals, but it is so lovely. “Just for this moment, as long as your mine . . . say theres no future for us as a pair . . . ” they both know that it will be difficult for them to be together forever, so they are happy just for this moment, as long as they are together. I find that so refreshing in entertainment where in movies and musicals the whole happily ever after, forever and ever thing going on.

The main story is focused on before Dorothy came to Oz. Although towards the end it kind of overlaps a little bit. But all of the characters are in there and I think its just fantastic how it all fits together so well. Just little details that have been put together, to make everything flow so well. I had attempted to read the book “Wicked” two years ago now. But I never really got into it, however I really do think that I will get it more now and understand more having a background to the story.

I now want the movie version to be made even more than I did before. I also want to see the show again, yes I did say this is an obsession of mine. “Everyone deserves a chance to fly!” I think everyone should go and see Wicked.

9 thoughts on “Broadway: Wicked Review

  1. I love this show so much, as soon as I saw it it became my favourite. You really should read the book. The plot is slightly different to the musical but its really clever and a lot darker.
    No one compares to Idina Menzel. I really hope they do make a movie. Saw it last year and really want to see it again.


  2. Yeah she totally has to be in the film. I loved her in Rent too, so I am hoping that the rumours linking her to the Wicked film to be confirmed soon would be the best I reckon.


  3. Just an insight as to the themes of Wicked. You gave a really vague description, and I think it would help to know some of the storyline other than that it’s what happened before Dorothy dropped in. The political aspects and good vs. evil parts are really very intriguing and I think they would grab readers more than just the tagline.

    Not trying to sound mean, I’m just giving a suggestion.


  4. ahhhhhh just saw this last niight!! It was so amazing! Then i met the cast afterwards! They were all so sweet! Funny story turns out PJ Benjamins wife is from where I live! Smallll Worlldddd! Katie Rose Clarke was G(a)linda and Dee Roscioli was Elphaba. They were both so niice! Alex Brightman was hilarious! Kevin Kern of course was gorgeous. Anybody know how old he is? I think he’s married. Shoot.


  5. I loved Wicked when I saw it. I would love to see it again but I acutally live in Shanghai, China and don’t have much free time when I go to the states. By the way Kevin is married and has 3 kids just so you know.


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