Notorious (2009) Review

The life and then death story of Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) who took the world by storm with his rap music from Brooklyn.


Yes I like rap music, would I say I was a huge fan? Probably not. Did I really have many ideas about the story of how Tupac and Biggie died? Nope, I really didnt. Its just something I have ever thought about looking into. So as I do like rap music, but was not a huge fan and did not really have any background to this story. I did know most of the involved rappers.

However, a major problem I had with this movie was remembering who the certain rappers were as I do not think they actually look anything like the real life person they were supposed to be potraying. I kept getting confused with certain parts, with getting them all mixed up.

Anyway, so it tells the story of how biggie went from school to drug dealing and then to being a big rap star. All of the ups and downs along the way. It kind of made him out to be someone who didnt mean any harm but ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time (or that is what I picked up from this movie). But come on, if someone walks around with a gun, they must plan on using it at some point.

The whole east coast/west coast rap rivalry thing going on was very complex and I did not really know who was on which side until watching this movie. So maybe I did learn something. I think that this movie will be more enjoyable if you already know the basic story and like the people involved a lot more.

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