Cadillac Records (2008) Review

The rise of Chess Records and the artists it was trying to promote and record!


I enjoy movies about singers. But this one I found more difficult to watch as out of the people this movie was about the only one I had heard of before the movie was Etta James. I thought Beyonce singing “At Last” was very good, seductive and how it was meant to sound. It sounded very similar to Etta’s original version of the song.

From watching a lot of movies like this, it is rather sad how much drugs and violence seem to be around singers lives. (Ray Charles: Ray, Bobby Darin: Beyond the Sea etc). I guess with movies like this it does not really matter if you already knew about the events that occured as they would be changed quite a bit for the case of having it on the screen.

I wish Beyonce as Etta James had been in the movie longer though, as I think they could have put more time into her character explaining more about her background and how she “went off the rails”. As I thought Beyonce was very good in the small screen time in which she had.

Adrien Brody never really seems to do any wrong, he always seems to have a strong character in which ever role he is in. However, I still cannot get the images from “The Pianst” out of my head that movie was just so haunting.

But overall Cadillac records is not the best and is not a movie I would highly recommend, it is easy enough to watch but nothing really new. Unless of course you can remember this era?

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