Clueless (1995) Review


A rich high school student is willing to help a new student in the popularity contest world but does not want to let her heart get in the way.


I had heard a lot about this movie before I watched it last night for the first time, and I must admit that it was much better than I thought it was going to be. I really expected it to be just silly and the girls being airheads and spoilt, but they had much more about them and that. I also think the movie had some important messages. I have to admit the sex talk, about being a virgin still shocked me, as the way she dressed and went on you just assumed that she had been around a lot, when she had not been with even one guy, and was holding out for the special guy (which in theory is very nice, but as well all know life doesnt always play out like that).

I did not actually realise how many rather big name actors were in this movie either, I am guessing at the time some of them were not known at all. The storyline with her step-brother was rather obvious right from the start. I did not know whether to find it strange or not . . . yes I know that they were not really brother and sister but still at times stuff like that is rather strange.

But in general I did enjoy watching this movie just because I figured it would not really require much concentration when I was trying to decide what to watch on netflix last night so it was good enough to watch really.

One thought on “Clueless (1995) Review

  1. youre bang on the money there Caz – Clueless is a cracking show, with way more depth than its poster proposes. the lingo used by the characters is worth a detailed study on its own and it paved the way for the equally intelligent – but just as fun – Mean Girls. Clueless is definitely not just another teen movie…


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