The Proposal (2009) Review

Margaret Tate is a very pushy boss and when she needs to ensure her visa is renewed for the US and not be deported back to Canada she forces her young assistant Andrew Paxton to marry her.


A new romantic comedy which I actually enjoyed more than I thought that I would to be honest. Yes I like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds but was not too sure on this movie before I saw it.

A romantic comedy which is very nice to watch, and which you can easily guess the ending or can you? But yes you can see what is going to happen next and everything. But I still enjoyed it quite a lot especially in comparison to the recent romantic comedies which have been released. “He’s Just Not That into You” has still left a bad taste in my mouth as I really did not like the woman were portrayed in this movie.

Margaret (Sandra Bullock) was a total opposite of the women in that movie. She was strong, independent and pretty much hated by everyone who works for her and seen as a total bitch. But I guess seeing an independent woman was much better than the men dependant women in “He’s Just Not That into You”. So being a strong woman is intimidating for men and manages to cause you extra problems, which is a shame really as this film really did try to break and extend the stereotypes in romantic comedy genre films.

Grandma Annie (Betty White – yes that’s Rose from the Golden Girls) was just fantastic every time she was on the screen, with the funny lines she was given and little remarks that she had to add in every now and then. A role which she was really made to play and added so much extra comedy to different scenes.

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