Smart People (2008) Review

A widowed professor is about to have his life changed when a new love comes into play as well as a visit from his adoptive brother. Things may never quite be the same again!


The main draw for me for this movie had to be that Sarah Jessica Parker was in it, and as it turned out her character was actually the most like-able. So the title of the movie is “Smart People” that is what it is basically about, two smart people in particular being Dennis Quaid and Ellen Page. I am really liking Ellen Page from the three movies I have now seen her in (might be more, but I can think of three right now). She is very good being sarcastic and managing to be funny in that way.

Dennis Quaid is a professor who does not really have any friends and does not get on with his son, but his daughter loves him and looks up to him a lot. He ends up in hospital and is treated by a doctor, Sarah Jessica Parker, who just happens to be a former student of his. Obviously the signs in this were pretty obvious that they were going to start up a relationship with one another and that you should never really give up on love.

While this movie is listed as a comedy by most places, I would not so much call it a comedy but a drama with funny moments/lines. It is very interesting that at the moment I am very much liking movies like this. “Dan in Real Life” had a very similar feel to it.

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