Movie Character’s I Have Related Too . . .

You know what its like, theres a moment in a movie when you totally feel for the character because you can see some of yourself in them and just know you would react the way in which they do. So I decided to make a little list using icons to help explain it all.

I will start with Bridget Jones . . . picking the wrong guy and doing really stupid things, yep that sounds about right, haha. And yes I have drunk a bottle of wine to myself on a few ocassions, like a virgin is my karoke song . . .


Iris from “The Holiday” played by Kate Winslet. Had such an awful time with a certain guy, she even gets a holiday exchange to get away from him, haha. But yes I could so feel her pain at times knew exactly hows she was feeling.


Charlotte in Lost in Translation . . . I just really have hit a crossroads in my life over the past couple of years and not sure at all what I am supposed to do.


Well I guess when looking at the icons those are the only three that I could find. So this will be part one, haha.

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