Dan in Real Life (2007) Review

When widower Dan eventually decides to put himself out there again, he only manages to fall in love with his brother’s girlfriend!


Another good movie I have now watched thanks to Netflix view instantly, I wanted to see this when it came out in the cinema as yes I am a fan of Steve Carell. I think he is a very funny actor and very good at what he done in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and his part in “Bruce Almighty”. But “Dan in Real Life” is rather different to those, yes it is still a comedy but it is definatly a different type of comedy to what you are used to seeing him in. It is more of a serious comedy.

The main story is a widower still struggling to deal with the death of his wife which occured 4 years earlier, he has three daughters, two of which are teenagers and give him a difficult time as do not do what he wants them too, or are even nice to him at all. Which I guess is kinda the typical teenage thing, but I still think they are just too horrible to him for my liking. I mean they must have been able to tell that their father really had issues!!!

A chance meeting with a woman in a bookstore (Juliette Binoche) he kinda had love at first sight towards her. But he had no idea that she was his brothers girlfriend. Yep bad times for Dan. Parts of this movie reminded me of “While You Were Sleeping” well just the fact that a woman was confused between two brothers. Same type of family who wanted to know everyone’s business.

Steve Carell really shows that he can do a different type of humor, doing like a more dry approach as a guy who says funny things but not really to be funny or for a laugh. His family really want him to move on and find someone else after the four years, and try to set him up.

I found the ending very I suppose nice is the right word to use. Because they were meant to be together in all honesty. I try not to spoil movies in my reviews, but I think as you watch it you kinda know what is going to happen at the end. I still thought the brother’s reaction then to go out with the girl Dan is set up with was a bit backwards but I guess people act like that a hell of a lot.

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