Two Lovers (2008) Review

Two Lovers sees bachelor Leonard Kraditor torn between a family friend that his parents would love to see him marry and his beautiful new neighbour.


I am not really sure exactly what type of storyline I expected but this is not exactly it. I guessed the ending, well part of the ending. Was not really expecting the very ending which was on, but again as you were watching it became obvious what was going to happen.

Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix) is a pretty mixed up guy since his fiancé left him, I cannot recall what actually happened so I am guessing that was bad story telling. But the film opens with Leonard throwing himself into the water, with someone saving him. He is back living with his parents and when he gets back home they know that he has “tried it again” so he has obviously been trying to commit suicide for quite a while at this point. A lot of this movie is like that, a guessing game to why he is in the situation and behaves in certain ways.

He is working for his dad, and meets Sandra  (Vinessa Shaw) at a dinner in which her family go around to his house. She admits to Leonard that she wanted to meet him after seeing him in the shop. So they talk and arrange to go out. I think it was the next day he met Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow), who had just moved into the same building as Leonard. He invited her in, and then they ended up going out dancing. She then told him that she was having an affair with a married man who kept promising that he would leave his wife for her.

Leonard then found himself being kinda involved with both of these women. But for me while the title of this movie is “Two Lovers” I thought that they would be more overlapped and closer together stories rather than like two separate things going on. I did not really enjoy this movie I thought it was quite difficult to follow and rather slow. None of the characters were particularly likeable so I did not really care what happened to them.

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in this movie will always be remembered for his Leno/Letterman performance as this was the movie he was promoting at the time. But he put in a good performance as the guy was pretty on the slow side (I have no idea if that was intentional or not). But yes I was defiantly not a big fan of this movie, and will not find myself wanting to watch it any time soon. It was just lacking a few different things in my opinion. I think in a movie like this you really have to care about the main characters and I just did not care about any of them.

I can now understand why this did not really get much publicity when it was released in the cinema as it really was not the best at all. I think with what was going to happen being quite obvious as it got closer to unfolding totally took away something from this movie. It is a shame as with a title “Two Lovers” I guess I was hoping for something more along the lines of “Unfaithful”. But that it was nothing like, O well that’s almost two hours I will never get back.

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