Marley & Me (2008) Review

A family dog manages to teach them so many different life lessons over the years and they grow to adore it after a rough start.


I had heard a lot about this movie before I eventually got to watch it, I have to start by saying I did not really have any idea about the story (other than it being obvious how it was going to end). You cannot help but like Jennifer Aniston in which ever role that she is in. Owen Wilson still kinda manages to annoy me, as no matter what the difference in his  characters he still needs becomes very annoying with some of the lines he has, when he makes them in the whiny voice.

Anyway, “Marley and Me” is about a couple who have been together for a few years then get married, and to stop his wife from wanting to have a baby, he decides to get a puppy. They are both reporters and end up picking out Marley. They soon find out that Marley is a very naughty dog, I like how the name Marley was picked out by listening to one of his songs on the radio and trying to pick between Bob and Marley.

The film moves at quite a fast pace throughout the years, sometimes I thought it was a little bit difficult to follow especially when they started to have the kids. It went from 1 to 3 in like five minutes or something close like that. I did not really grow attached to any of the characters in the story, they just seemed to be lacking something that I cant really explain.

I am not going to actually put what the ending was but after the story had spanned over about 20 years. It is pretty obvious how it all ended. Yes while Marley caused them so much hassle and trouble it was obvious that they would be sad at the end. I have never been a big animal lover and I know that I will never be a big animal lover. Its just I never had any animals when I was a child so maybe that is why I did not totally fall for this story.

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