Sleuth (2007) Review

Set on his country estate an ageing writer puts his wits up against a struggling actor who just so happens to have an affair with his wife and stolen her heart.


Before I start with this review I must make it clear that I have not seen the original movie with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier.

So Jude Law and Michael Caine are playing two men who are in love with the same woman, this being Michael Caine’s wife. Law is a young struggling actor who cannot find work and Caine is a successful novelist who has quite a lot of money. (Which apparently his wife loves spending).

Caine decides he wants to play a game with Law and convinces him to break into his house to steal some jewels and he can then sell them on and take his wife away from him forever. As Caine does not want her back . . . or does he ? Does Law really want her as well? Those are questions which you never really know the answers too.

The house in which Caine lives in is just fantastic with loads of cameras and really cool modern things, which add to how good the film looks. In terms of being very modern, and reminding us that it was set in the current time. I think Jude Law really proved himself in this movie at how good an actor he really is.

The original Alfie and the newer Alfie both in the same movie together is a very good thing. Especially as one of the lines was “Whats it all about” which you cannot deny is in reference to both of the actors being Alfie, with the infamous, whats it all about Alfie? . . . I thought this was very clever, and I am quite curious if many people realised the significance of this line.

I also think for only two actors to be in the movie, it is incredible that they both manage to engage you and really make you believe the game they are playing. It is difficult to know when they are joking and when they are being serious. It was just brilliant acting by them both, having to be on screen for so long with just the two of them and no more people really is something special. Its intense and just incredible.

I don’t really want to get too into the plot as do not want to spoil anything about the twists and turns in this movie, as it is very good. I am trying to get round to watching the original version of this movie so I can not so much compare but just to see how it was approached and how this movie is different with the modern setting.

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