High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) Review

As seniors in High School Troy and Gabriella struggle with the idea of going to different colleges. A spring musical will certainly help with the worry of the future, right?


I must admit that I was never a HSM fan before this movie. This was the first in the series to actually be made for release in the cinema. The first two, were made for TV movies. So basically cashing in on the popularity of the franchise by making the third one a cinematic release. (Very clever I reckon).

But by making it for the big screen, it really did have to be bigger and better than the previous two movies . . . and it most certainly was !!! In my opinion, in every single way it was better than the other two put together (yes the second one was very poor). The dancing sequences in this movie were very very good, with a lot of people and some very clever moves.

The main storyline of Troy having to decide his future was also very good. As it is something that everyone has to go through when they must decide what to do with their future and what direction there life is going to take. So his choice of which school to go to, and whether he has to choose between being on the stage or playing basketball.

The songs are very good as well in this movie, I did not find one which I did not like. Which is very unusal for any musical really. But I really could not get enough of this movie, haha. Yes I know that sounds sad and everthing but I really do think it was just great !!! I went to the cinema to see it when it came out with my five year old cousin, yes she had already seen it. I then watched it on the plane, and thanks to Netflix I watched it last night.

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